And when i asked God what is the purpose of life, surprisingly He said ” You tell me” “Well i just want to be happy”, i said “Yes, that is the purpose” He replied. ” To be happy. But you spend a lifetime choosing one happi- ness over another, a bigger house, a better car, more clothes, expensive accessories, and you go on and on only to discover that one idea of happiness replaces another. And so life goes on, running after one thing or the other, and therefore, paradoxically you still don’t know what happiness is”. “Well what is it my Lord?” “Happiness is always to know the eternal Self, and this is best done in meditation, when you are by yourself, without any ‘Thing” involved. Once you understand what the eternal Self is, in the sane par- adoxical way, all the things will double their happi- ness content and you will know that God made this whole world so that you and He could grow together in play.”
Aum Namah Shivaye. (SHAIL GULHATI is a Jammu based Shaivite author)