Dear friends and Shiva bhakts, this is an amazing pic from the net. A bhaktin does Abhishek of a Shivalinga somewhere near the banks of a holy river town- probably Haridwar or Rishikesh, and we note that Lord Shiva virtually pops up to give blessings.
Her efforts have born fruit. But we also see something startling: Shiva is drenched with the potions of the Abhishek!
Is this possible? Can an offering on a stone image thou- sands of miles away actually reach a chosen personage?
Practically speaking, this is an impossibility, a type of wishful thinking.
But we in India, have long had the tradition of sharing even our food with our God first in a similar manner, and we call this ‘Bhog lagana’- ‘To make God partake in our feast, knowing that all comes from Him anyway’, and because according to the ancient rishis, anything was pos- sible for God,we would do well to understand that this painted scene means to convey a higher message: When you do something with your body and mind and also pour your soul into it, when Namah Shivaye becomes Mano Shivaye, Tano Shivaye, Dhano Shivaye, metaphor- ically speaking, ‘ Shiva is drenched with your love’ . He can no longer resist giving you His Darsana.When you offer Him everything you have, your body ( karma) your mind ( gyana) , and your very soul ( raja yoga) , knowing that all these come from Him, then your worship with the combination of all these blossoms into a great Bhakti bhava, and Shiva ,who is Aashotosh, ( easily pleased ), will come to your very doorstep. His Idol in your heart and mandir both, will begin to shine with a divine lumi- nescence for ever after.
Aum Namah Shivaye! (SHAIL GULHATI
is a Jammu based Shaivite author )