Life was one endless sequence. It was a sort of
cosmic masquerade, where Shiva had learnt to
easily identify and love the players even in their
new roles. For example, He had known Vishnu,’the
other God’ , through at least two of His incarnations.
He had known Him as Rama, from His forest meanderings
and resonated so completely with Him in the
love for one’s spouse, and the pain of separation. He
had also known him as Krishna.
Krishna loved to play, and Shiva loved to watch
Him play. He loved the infant Krishna’s delightful
ability to steal butter cookies from His mother’s
larder, much before He was a full-blown God. He
smiled at Krishna’s charming adolescence as He
dallied with the infatuated cowgirls of Vrindavan.
Then again, years later, when the time came for
Krishna to sermonise Arjuna about divinity on the
battlegrounds of Kurukshetra, Shiva had watched
from an eternally witnessing sky above, listening
intently along with others to Krishna’s song of God,
the Bhagwad Gita.
When Krishna sang eloquently to Arjuna about
Mahakaal, The Great Timelessness, Shiva smiled
again. He had known this song even before Krishna
was born. He, verily, had known it even before
Rama’s time.
~ From the book SHIVA, The Ultimate Time
Traveller. By Jammu based author shail gulhati
Available on Amazon