Social, Tribal Welfare Department Ladakh signs Tripartite MoU with Help Age India

Leh: The UT Administration of Ladakh is starting the Senior Citizen Helpline in UT of Ladakh shortly. The Social/Tribal Welfare Department, UT of Ladakh on Saturday signed the Tripartite MoU with Help Age India ( a Company Incorporated under Company Act 2013) and National Institute of Social Defence (NIDS), Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Gol.
The MOSJE, Govt. of India, (National Institute of Social Defence (NISD)) and Social/Tribal Welfare Department of the UT Administration Ladakh have decided to start a Helpline for senior citizens in UT of Ladakh with the objective of expeditiously attending to the complaints and grievances of the senior citizens. The National Helpline for Senior Citizens(NHSC) would operate with an apex body of National Implementing Agency (NIA) consisting of members from MOSJE, NISD, Govt. of Telangana and non-official members with expertise in software, project management and training.
The Help Age India’s mandate is to set up, operate and manage the UT Helpline as per the norms and will operate services from 8.00AM to 8.00PM in shifts all 7 days a week and will interact with the senior citizens in a polite, empathetic and compassionate manner to support senior citizens in distress and facilitate the services to them.
The UT Helpline will be the most critical agency for coordinating with the senior citizens, Government agencies, NGOs, service providers, old age homes, Senior Citizen Department. The Helpline will consist of a connect Centre (Call Centre) created as per the standards set by the National Implementing Agency (NIA) where calls from senior citizens will be received.
The Helpline will do the Quality Check of the calls and work towards continuous improvement. Reports and Dashboards will also be prepared and updated regularly. The Helpline will also consist of Field Response Officers Social Welfare and of the line Departments who will work towards resolution of problems indicated by senior citizens by working closely with all the on-ground partners. The broad structure of the State Helpline is Project Manager, Field Response Leaders, Team Leader, Quality Leader, IT Leader, Field Response Officers, Call Officer. The setting up of Helpline will also provide opportunity for employment to local educated youths.
Further, the matter with regard to setting up of women and children helpline is also being followed by the Social/Tribal Welfare Department with concerned quarters.