Shri Ram Centre releases maiden production ‘Salome’

A still from the play Salome staged at Shri Ram Centre, New Delhi.

JAMMU: An arty grandeur on proscenium was recently hosted at Shri Ram Centre, New Delhi, by Kajal Suri, daughter of late Vijay Suri of Jammu when Oscar Wilde’s Salome hit the stage to the thunderous applause of the jam-packed hall.
The essence of the production was that the play was for the first time produced in India and two people, both from Jammu, Kajal Suri and Vikram Sharma, jointly made this maiden success happen on the national milieu.
Salome is a one-act tragedy that depicts the attempted seduction of Jokanaan (John the Baptist) by Salome, step-daughter of Herod Antipas, her dance of the seven veils, the execution of Jokanaan at Salome’s instigation and her death on Herod’s orders.
Under the workshop conducted by Shri Ram Centre, New Delhi, Salome was produced designed and directed by the ace director Kajal Suri who is one of the top and finest executioners of theatrical idioms.
She produced the scintillating product by picking up the young and raw talent in SRC and gave them a very patient attendance in drawing the idiom of Salome which had variegated hues in characterizing the perfect picks for various roles.
Jokanaan , Herod, Herodias , Salomi were the main central characters around which a biblical story of passion and destruction was woven and all four emerged as strong pillars of the production that caught the rapt attention of the audience.
The beauty of the production at SRC was connected with the soil of Jammu as both Kajal Suri , the director of the magnum opus and Vikram Sharma , who adapted and translated Salome for SRC are from Jammu and the play was produced for the first time in theatre history of India.
Nearly 25 artists played various roles of Jews, Nazareens and other important figures in the play to make it the greatest success nationwide.