Shree Vardhman Jewellers unveils its new logo in J&K

Jammu: Shree Vardhman Jewellers unveiled its logo in Jammu on auspicious day of First Navratra as part of its brand promotion in Jammu and Kashmir Union Territory.
Shree Vardhman deals in Hallmark Gold Jewellery, Certified Diamond and Silver Jewellery & Articles and has carved a name for itself in Jewellery industry for the last 2 decades and announcement comes at a time when the company is focusing on increasing its outreach and garnering a wider customer base in Union Territory. The year 2020 is Shree Vardhaman Jeweller’s 20th Anniversary.
“It’s our new brand identity. The unveiling of new logo not only marks Shree Vardhman’s entry to tap jewellery and diamond market but new logo is a representation of hope through new beginnings. We will keep the overall values of our brand intact.”, said Mr. Pritesh D Desai – Sales Marketing & Training Consultant from Mumbai. He was head of training & trade marketing of De Beers Group India.
Kimti Lal Jain, Gagan Jain & Rahat Jain along with Desai addressed a Press Conference in Jammu on Saturday.
Ridhama Jain, Parakh Jain and General Manager (Shree Vardhman Jewellers) Sabi Jain were also present on the occasion.
Re-branding exercise is aimed to create a fresh identity that will embrace the present and future generations.
Gagan Jain said that this announcement to unveil logo is aimed to focus on increasing its outreach so that people can identify it as matching International Standards of quality and designs to the local market is company’s new strategy.
The launch of the new logo is also seen an effort to give a new identity to Shree Vardhman brand in Jammu & surrounding markets.
Rahat Jain said, “Shree Vardhman Jewellers has been catering to the demands of customers in the Gem & Jewellery Industry.
Designer collection comprises of sophisticated designs that endorses traditional art yet glitz with perfect blend of contemporary designs.”
Market in Jammu and Kashmir is growing and we want to give it a thrilling experience to the customers.
Shree Vardhman Jewellery collection comprises of stunning gold artifacts, glittering diamonds and gems, crafted superbly and embellished with precious stones of the finest quality.