Several drones spotted in bordering Samba district, alert sounded

Representational Photo

Jammu: Alert was sounded late Sunday night after four drones were spotted at separate locations in Samba district.
“Four drones were spotted between 2200 hours to 2240 hours at different locations of Samba district,” police sources said.
They said that the flying objects with blinking lights were spotted hovering over military establishments twice at Bari Brahmana, once at Smailpur-Bishnah Road and Birpur.
“The Army troops did not open fire but sounded alert,” they said adding that the Quick Response Teams (QRTs) of the Indian Army launched search operations.
The UAVs disappeared later, they said.
A similar activity was noticed at the same spot on Saturday as well.
A senior police official said that late evening at around 2018 hours, suspected drone activity was spotted in the Chichwal and Ghagwal areas of the District. “No rounds were fired at the flying objects and in a few seconds they disappeared,” he asserted.