Shiva is known for His Trishula.
But He also has a very famous bow called Pinaka.
In this picture, we see He has picked up the bow and fixing an arrow with a determined look in His eye.
Parvati comes up from behind and holds Him and He seems to wait.
Just as great an enigma as He is, so too is Parvati. It was She who was Sati, in a previous life. She it is, who is Shakti, the Goddess of power, in eternal wedlock with Shiva, making Him Shaktiman, the wielder of all the power there is in the Universe. She is always present in His presence. Even if that means being reincarnated from one lifetime to another.
Shakti is always supportive of her Lord’s resolutions:
She will always back Him up in His course.
And She is also the only hope for those who need His pardon,
in the world of God, She can set the course for destiny.
Such is the timeless tryst of Shiva and Parvati.
Knowing this, the ancient sages have always propitiated Shiva and Parvati together, summed up in the famous prayer – Bhavam Bhavani Sahitam namami .
(Shail Gulhati is a Jammu based Shaivite Author)