Sethi chairs review meeting of BJP Spokespersons

A review meeting to assess the functioning of party spokespersons was held by Sunil Sethi, Chief Spokesperson of Jammu and Kashmir Bharatiya Janata Party, through physical and virtual modes.
Sethi appreciated the hard work being put in by the spokespersons and exhorted them to become domain experts so that when in need other spokespersons can consult and gain from the expertise of the domain in which a particular spokesperson has done adequate data based research. This would enable them to put across their points with authority and forcefully while interacting with the media, both print and electronic.
Sunil Sethi, thereafter, divided the responsibilities among the spokespersons.
He urged that the spokesperson nominated for a particular department should obtain all possible information pertaining to the issues to be handled and act as a Knowledge Bank. A total of 20 departments were identified and allotted.
Thereafter, a review of media visibility of the spokespersons was also done. It was a general view that the media visibility should be high and the spokespersons must appear on TV debates as well as write in the print media. Thereafter, he allocated the various national and local channels to different spokespersons.
To ensure the availability of the spokespersons in the party office on regular basis, a duty roster was also drawn, according to which, a minimum of two spokespersons will be available in the party office every day between 12 to 2 p.m.
Sunil Sethi chaired the meeting while Brig Anil Gupta, ex MLC G.L. Raina and Balbir Ram Rattan were physically present in the meeting. Rajni Sethi, Th. Abhijeet Singh Jasrotia and Inderjeet Singh Samyal were prominent among those who attended through virtual mode. Dr Pradeep Mohtra, BJP Media Secretary was also present virtually.