It is important for customers to feel as if they are special and that everything is tailored as per their need and satisfaction. Moreover, they want to be helped, treated well and get the impression that they are properly being looked after. If a business organization responds to this, the customer will have the impression that the organization is always ready and waiting to serve them. This takes due care of the customer as well as entrepreneurs’ interests and the phenomenon is termed as entrepreneur-consumer orientation that has gained utmost significance in the present era. According to Peter Drucker “the business enterprise has only two, basic functions i.e. marketing and innovation and it is these two factors that produce the results. It is pertinent to mention here that Japanese took this maxim to their heart in the direction of expanding their customer base and thereafter, there was no looking back for them and as of today Japan substantially dominates global markets with the best customer satisfaction. This has been fully acknowledged by Akiro Morita in the autobiography of Sony Corporation explaining how the Corporation made the impossible possible by strictly adhering to Peter Drucker’s enunciated principles. It is a fact that marketing function encompasses everything that affects the exchange of products and services for money while innovation continuously finds novel ways to do that better. However, in the present day business competition in local as well as global markets, there is major focus on running customer-oriented organizations, which place customer satisfaction at the core of their business decisions. Customer orientation is an approach to sales and customer-relations in which staff focuses on helping customers to meet their long-term needs and wants with the main objective of management and employees being satisfaction of the customers to such a level that they can retain customers for future transactions. Thus the business organizations have acknowledged this fact and brought a paradigm shift in sales orientation strategy by valuing customers’ satisfaction over the needs and wants of the firm or salesperson and it is such organizations that attract customers in bulk as compared to others as compared to the rest most of whom have to close their ventures. Unfortunately, in India most of the manufacturers and retailers in the market are not prepared to think in terms of customer satisfaction despite Gandhiji’s five-fold statement on customer orientation declaring customer satisfaction as top priority for business class to survive. Insight into the wishes and needs of the customer as well as the working practices of competitors can equip the Indian entrepreneurs with tools for dealing with customer orientation. In addition, a well-organized customer survey can provide an in-depth insight into how an organization performs and even how an organization will perform in the near future This is utmost important for survival of the business in the long run. In the current market environment which is characterized by strong competition and price erosion with many novel business projects launched like the ones under Make-in-India, it is hoped that the new generation of entrepreneurs brings a paradigm shift in its outlook by not just focussing on the creation, production or sales but also on retaining the loyal and profitable customers. This would not only be in the best interest of entrepreneurs as well as the customers but for the nation as a whole especially keeping in view the competition in global market.