“Man was born free and is everywhere in chains,” said Rousseau. Anarchy is never given a free hand in the history of human race. Someone has to bell the cat so that a leader is chosen. With the focus on Bihar elections now, the people of the world’s greatest democracy are reminded of the past experiences regarding how the parties and their leaders gain entry into the seat of governance by resorting to politicking, mostly by making promises never to be fulfilled. There was a time when it used to be said that a leader is born but this connotation has changed drastically over a period of time and in the present day scenario the job has been taken up by the enthusiastic set of politicking specialists. Despite realizing this fact we as social animals can never escape the politicking that makes us tick. Canvassing for the right choice with regard to leaders is a way of life which in simple terms could be termed as the art of politics but in today’s scenario politicking would be the most appropriate word for this business. While politics is the art of possible, politicking is the art to achieve the impossible. From times immemorial, man has been trying to analyze in the right earnest and mindset, the psychographics of people who practice politicking of which we can find evidence in the popularity of philosophers including the Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi. The politicking factor has left hardly any field untouched and it would not be wrong to say that beginning from the dining table at home it extends to multiple groups like clubs, felicitation groups, religious and cultural groups, NGOs, local bodies, political party groups, national conclaves, assemblies, parliaments and last but not the least the world bodies. While mudslinging and blackmailing have become the rule for politicking, climbing the bandwagon by the lesser intelligent politicians to come to lime light without any efforts is the short cut. The politicking class as of today has evolved as a front runner with the old time idealist fundamental ethics and conscience having evaporated from the scene. The electronic media has evolved as the strongest politicking class with the best art of politicking as is evident from the fact that breaking news makes kings who can be overthrown during the break time in the same programme. In such a scenario the most astonishing fact is that social media having become a very powerful medium has failed to counter the politicking propaganda by various agencies. As of today, the majority of people in the rural and far off areas are still unaware of the politicking factor prevailing in the rest of the nation especially among the political class. It is because of this unawareness that politicians continue to rule the roost by exploiting this innocent lot. It is in this background that we elect our rulers to benefit from their governance or suffer in the process. Ironically, most of the times it has been found that sufferings totally outweigh the benefits. The common people who despite being much high in numbers and forming a politicking crowd being professional shall have to search for new theories to make those sitting in the driver’s seat to strictly redeem their pledges stated in their manifestos as well as in their speeches during election campaigns, failing which the benefits to the common man will continue to be outweighed by their sufferings.