SC to hear plea seeking stay on Central Vista project

New Delhi: The Supreme Court of India has agreed to hear a petition to stay the construction work of the Central government’s ambitious Central Vista project amid the surging Covid-19 pandemic.

The petition moved by Anya Malhotra and Sohail Hashmi highlighted that the construction of the aforesaid project has a “super spreading potential and threat” to the workers who are being exposed to the infection on a daily basis while working and that too without payment.
The construction work for the ₹ 20,000 crore project in the heart of the capital’s power corridors has been brought under the ambit of “essential services”, a move that has angered the opposition.
The opposition and activists have hit out hard at the government for continuing with work on the project in the middle of the pandemic.
The plan also recently received an environmental clearance which paves way for a new home for the Prime Minister to be built by December 2022.