Saint Lotus – the man on whose predictions, J&K residents plan weddings, trips

Vishal Bharti
Jammu: If you are planning to arrange a marriage function of your loved ones or have scheduled a trip, especially when in Jammu and Kashmir, then do not forget to contact the ‘Saint Lotus’ before finalising the programmes.
Not the ‘pundits’ performing wedding rituals but ‘Saint Lotus’ is the man, who only can prevent your functions from getting spoiled due to bad weather conditions.
Director, India Meteorological Department, (Jammu and Kashmir), Sonam Lotus is also famous as ‘Saint Lotus’ or ‘Peer Lotus’ for his accurate weather predictions.
Not only the families but also the event managers firstly call the ‘Saint Lotus’ then to the ‘pundits’ before going ahead with the scheduled programmes and once they get the nod, the events are arranged accordingly and wedding cards get ready for printing.
“I often get many phone calls from across the Jammu and Kashmir related to weather forecast, Mr Lotus here told UNI.
He said, “media persons call for weather updates, many politicians before planning their trips, but lot many calls I receive are from the family members or the event managers, who are planning to conduct a wedding ceremony.”
“As everyone is aware that wedding ceremony has so many rituals to be performed and I have to sometime reply to so many queries from the other end like when it will be raining, it will be showers or thunderstorm, whether foggy days are there are in summers, what maximum temperature is expected…and so many like such questions I do answer,” says the Weatherman with a smile.
Mr Lotus said, “if due to some personal or professional commitments, I am not able to pick up the phone or receive it, I receive so many text messages and also sometimes my social media inbox remains flooded with queries.”
He further said, “earlier people used to contact ‘pundits’ for finding ‘shubh lagana’ to perform rituals but many people call me and say that wedding cards will be printed only after I predict them about days having clear weather predictions.”
“People call me, find out weather predictions and then tell their ‘pundits’ to find out ‘shub lagana’ only between the dates I have predicted having fair weather,” he said.
Mr Lotus however, said that many people also invite him personally to attend the functions and added, “sometimes I feel happy and joyous when I see people having faith in me when it comes to weather forecast.”
“I am thankful to God for blessing me with this profession and expertise through which I can at least make them satisfied and relaxed before they make their arrangements,” he added.
Mr Lotus said, “I am not the God but due to the faith people repose in me, I always pray to the almighty that my predictions always come true so that I keep giving them moments to cherish and they keep planning their events, trips by relying on me.”
Former J&K Chief Minister Omar Abdullah had also once expressed desire that wish he could have been ‘Sonam Lotus’ and he could have managed and planned his functions, rallies accordingly.
The Ministry of Earth Sciences (MoES), New Delhi has honoured Sonam Lotus with “Best Employee Award” for the year 2017 – 2018 in recognition of his significant contribution in the field of Meteorology which are averting disaster and natural calamities in Jammu and Kashmir.