SAAB showing interest in investment in UP Defence Manufacturing Corridor

Lucknow: SAAB, a Swedish Defence manufacturing firm, which is bidding for sale of combat aircraft to India, has shown its interest in investment in the Uttar Pradesh Defence Manufacturing Corridor which is expected to come up in the Bundelkhand region.
“We are very much interested in investment in the Defence Manufacturing Corridor in UP and have started talks with some of our partners. UP is a potential state and we are in search of setting up units in UP with talking with 2-3 potential partners,” Ola Rignell, Chairman and Managing Director, SAAB India Technologies said here on Tuesday.
When asked about whether, SAAB, which is selling several sophisticated army equipment to India, also marketing the same in Pakistan, Rignell, made it clear that there was no new arms deal with Pakistan but in the past they have sold some defence equipment.
“Every deal we made with a country is approved by Swedish government and at present there no such proposal to have any arms deal with Pakistan,” he said.
Meanwhile, SAAB is pitching for sale combat aircraft GripenE to India and in process in the bidding with seven other companies to sell 140 aircraft to the country. “Gripen combines exceptional operation performance, highly advanced,net-centric warfare capability, sensor fusion, unique BVR capability, cost efficiency with true transfer of technology and a comprehensive industrial partnership,” he said.
SAAB which is showcasing its defence equipment in Defence Expo 2020 commencing here from Wednesday, will demonstrate several items in the exhibition include Carl GustafM4( man-portable multi role weapon system), Next General Ligh Anti-Tak weapon(NLAW), Giraffe1X( compact lightweight high performance 3D radar) SAAB ligh weight Torpedo(SLWT) and several other items.
“Saab will contribute to India;’s vision of building a larger indigenous defence industry and help built capability that will enable India to design and build its own next-generation defence system. At DefExp 2020, we showcase our latest technologies which are changing defence and security planning, deployment and future force readiness,” Mr Rignell said.