Celebrating the 74rd Republic Day today, it needs to be realized that a healthy democracy calls for conformity to the values of tolerance, patience and respect for others more than the unison of ideas.
Not only this, in order to nurture the democracy to opti- mum level, it is necessary that these values must reside in the hearts and minds of every Indian. Today is the time to conduct a serious self introspection by every Indian citizen to find out whether the role required to be played as per the soul of the most sacred document of the nation which was drafted by a team of experts led by the revolutionary leader and legal luminary Dr B.R. Ambedkar, has been duly played by the people at large across the nation. Though it is an undeniable fact that the Indian democracy has tremendously flourished during the post independence period till date so much so that Indian republic is a role model democracy for the whole world today, yet it is also a fact that there are numerous grey spots in the system today which need to be addressed in the right earnest especially in view of the changed global as well as national scenario whereby we are faced with novel challenges. Therefore it becomes imperative for all Indians not only to pay homage to the great leaders who carried out a prolonged struggle to liberate India from the colonial rule besides the founding fathers of the Constitution of India who set for us the goals of nationhood but also to make a resolve to reassess our individual roles in nation building redefining the strategies in order to ensure that people’s faith and trust do not get jittered at all as experienced in the past due to certain unfortunate events. It needs to be realized that India’s pluralism and her social, cultural, linguistic and religious diversity are its greatest strength. Our tra- dition has always celebrated the ‘argumentative’ Indian; not the ‘intolerant’ Indian. It is a fact that multiple views, thoughts and philosophies have competed with each other peacefully for centuries in our country. A wise and discerning mind is necessary for democracy to flourish for which we need to inculcate in every citizen especial- ly the youth and children a temperament of understand- ing and responsibility. Since the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir has just come out of the trauma due to terrorism therefore the people especially the leaders of all social, cultural, religious, political and other organizations need to seriously ponder over the happenings of the past and realize that their confronta- tional approach has always resulted in adverse conse- quences for the people at large. It is high time for the people of this Union Territory as well as those across the nation to work relentlessly for the prosperity and welfare of one and all in the world’s largest democracy keeping in mind that the divergence of opinion and diversity of cultures in a democracy is the soul of the constitution and a symbol of greatness of this nation.
We all need to work harder because we are all equal children before our mother India and our motherland asks each of us in whatever role we play to do our duty with integrity, commitment and unflinching loyalty to the values enshrined in our Constitution. So let us all take the pledge to dedicate ourselves to the relentless strug- gle in the direction of achieving the real objective behind becoming a Republic. Jai Hind!