An exemplary administrator, a renowned scholar, an innovative policy maker and last but not the least the saviour of the minority community of Kashmir, Jagmohan was remembered with great reverence on his first death anniversary on 3rd May, 2022 by the miniscule displaced community not only across the nation but around the world wherever they have settled. It is time for every citizen of India to pay homage by remembering his contribution for the world’s largest democracy. It needs to be acknowledged that the death of this great personality Jagmohan Malhotra popularly known as ‘Jagmohan’, was a monumental loss to the nation as a whole. Born on September 25, 1927, Jagmohan Malhotra was a former civil servant who held several key posts in his career. Jagmohan always worked towards the betterment of India with his ministerial tenure marked by innovative policy making changing the situations on ground drastically resulting in complete transformation. It needs a special mention here that the erstwhile state of Jammu and Kashmir over three decades back had been in the strong grip of the terrorists who were ruling the roost with some disgruntled elements in the state administration hand in gloves with them. It was Governor Jagmohan who succeeded in restoring the failed intelligence set up and preparing the detailed list of terrorists and their organizations proactive on ground as well as those present across the border in PoK and Pakistan. It would not be wrong to state that Jagmohan performed this herculean task most efficiently and laid the foundation for a decisive war against the terrorists and their sympathizers in administration that is nearing its logical conclusion today. Undoubtedly he has been a great national hero among his contemporaries. Though national heroes never expect any award or medal from the society or a nation, yet the nation keeping up with its duty towards this great saviour, honoured him with Padma Shri in 1971, Padma Bhushan in 1977 and Padma Vibhushan in 2016. Jagmohan served two terms as the Governor of erstwhile State of Jammu and Kashmir i.e. from 1984 to 89, and then from January to May 1990. Therefore for the people of this Union Territory Jagmohan’s demise is an irreparable loss besides being a matter of intense gloom for the miniscule Kashmiri Pandit community that would have been eliminated but for his timely action when the Valley was in utter turmoil perpetrated by the Jehadi elements and forcible secession of Kashmir was just a fraction away from reality in 1989-90. Besides this Jagmohan was a multifaceted personality and it was he who being an ace planner exceptionally planned and built New Delhi when he was the Lt Governor of the national capital. It is a fact that the citizenry of this Union Territory and the nation at large owe a lot to this outstanding statesman. His book on Jammu and Kashmir is really an eye opener for those dealing with sensitive J&K affairs and shall prove to be a valuable guide in dealing with the affairs of this Union Territory in all times to come. While the KPs might still be far from returning home but they alongwith their future generations shall continue to salute this great warrior for saving them from a massacre in 1990. At the same time today is the time for one and all to pay respectful homage to an able administrator, a thinker-politician and above all a strong votary of Cultural Nationalism by taking a pledge for upholding and promoting the ideology of this great visionary that emphasizes on rich composite culture and nationalism leaving no space at all for anti-national sentiment in the world’s largest democracy.