Reduction in age bar for civil service aspirants an arbitrary decision: Bukhari

Srinagar: Apni Party (AP) President Syed Mohammad Altaf Bukhari on Saturday strongly reacted to the enforcement of SRO-103 that has unjustifiably reduced the age bar for civil services aspirants by five years.In a statement issued here Saturday afternoon, Bukhari termed the new rules arbitrary in nature and demanded immediate roll back of the SRO-103. “Such capricious rules are fraught with dangerous consequences,” Bukhari observed.He said the implementation of this SRO will not only impede the participation of those KAS aspirants who have crossed the age limit of 32 but will also add to the rising levels of frustration among unemployed youth in J&K.“It will be a sheer injustice with those aspirants who for the past five years have toiled so hard, day and night, to participate in the upcoming KAS-2021 examination,” Bukhari remarked.Former minister Bukhari said the applicability of SRO-130 has come as a bolt from the blue for the civil services aspirants across Jammu and Kashmir. “It is quite exasperating for our qualified youth who want to pursue their careers in the civil services.”He said the youth in J&K have already been facing the tide of unemployment and now this move will make the situation further gloomy. “There is no reason to reduce the age limit of civil services aspirants to 32 when the upper age limit in rest of the country even exceeds 38 and 40,” he pleaded.He appealed to the government to roll back this new amendment and provide a respite to the resenting KAS aspirants who currently are in a condition of extreme distress.“I appeal to the Government of India and in particular to the Lt Governor of J&K to address the genuine grievances of civil services aspirants of J&K by repealing the SRO-130. We must realize that J&K youth want to excel in all the fields especially in the civil services provided they are given a level playing field and encouragement,” he said