Rasoi hosts first-ever food bloggers meet in Jammu

Jammu: ‘Rasoi – Hospitality and kitchen is providing an opportunity to the food bloggers in Jammu as it hosts the most exciting food event in town for the bloggers who write their views and experiences related to food, restaurants, eating joints and various other related aspects.
The event hosted at Chawalas’, was attended by bloggers from across the Jammu and Kashmir region and representatives of various media houses.
The event was made exciting and memorable with inclusion of various activities which enthralled the participants.
Speaking on the occasion, Tanvir Hussain said, “The ongoing pandemic has transformed the food industry. One in four food services and food retailers now view themselves as technologically
The food services and food retail industry saw many challenges this year. But, from grocery and convenience stores to restaurants all were able to transform in real time to quickly meet consumers’ needs.
Agility has become essential to business success, and digital technology adoption the major enabler. The urgency to advance health and safety and consumer convenience is fast-tracking innovation to organizational business models in the industry”.
“The restaurant industry has changed a lot over the past decade and at a rapid pace, largely due to new technology and evolving guest preferences.
Restaurant guests have changed what they eat, how they eat, and where they eat it.
Addressing the media, Gautam and Naman Singh said, “There are many challenges the food bloggers face. As a blogger, one has to be a Photographer, a web designer, a food Stylist, a recipe developer, a “chef”, and a graphic designer and most important be an SEO expert if you want to rank high in Google.
Also, blogging involves a lot of money. You pay money for the domain, the host, the theme, and if you can afford Photographer, Developer, Translator, Virtual Assistant to help you all the tasks and much more. You will also need a good laptop, camera, lens, cards, and a tripod.
In the end Vipul Gupta thanked the bloggers for taking out the time to visit and taste the food and expressing their views through their write-ups. He also thanked Tanvir and Rasoi for hosting the event and promoting Chawlas and its cuisines in a big way.
He thanked Rasoi management for keeping Chawlas alive in public mind despite challenges posed by the pandemic and lockdown.
The event also provided opportunity to the restaurants and other food joints across the city to promote their cuisines among the foodies by holding such events by taking services of ‘the Rasoi’.
Rasoi has expertise and acumen to hold such events and is ready to offer its services to various restaurants on a very competitive rate.