Ram Mandir bhoomi poojan will be a prog of national unity: Priyanka

New Delhi: Congress leader and AICC general secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra on Tuesday said that the bhoomi pujan of the Ram Mandir will be an occasion of national unity, fraternity and cultural confluence to spread the message of Lord Ram.
In a message on the eve of the bhoomi pujan of the Ram Temple in Ayodhaya, Vadra said, ‘Since ages, the character of Lord Ram has been the thread to connect humanity in the Indian terrain. Ram belongs to Sabari and to Sugriva too. Ram belongs to Valmiki and also to Bhasa. Ram belongs to Kabir, to Tulsidas and also to Ravidas’.
Ram is a giver to all. Mahatma Gandhi’s Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram is the one who gives his consent to everyone. Waris Ali Shah says that Ram is the one who is the God. The Rashtra kavi Maithilisharan Gupta calls Ram the ‘force of the weak’ while Nirala , in his classic lines, calls Lord Ram the ‘Original vision of power’. He is a symbol of courage, confluence and patience. Ram belongs to everyone. Lord Ram wants welfare of all. That is why he is called Maryada Purushottam Ram, she added.
‘A programme of bhoomi pujan of the temple of Ramlala has been scheduled on August 5. By the grace of Lord Ram, may this programme became a programme of national unity, fraternity and cultural gathering that propagated his message.’
Gandhi said that Ramayana has left a deep and indelible mark in the culture of the world and the Indian subcontinent.
‘ The story of Lord Ram, mother Sita and Ramayana has been kindled in our cultural and religious memories for thousands of years, like Prakashunj. Indians have been drawing inspiration from Ramayana in the realms of religion, policy, duty, sacrifice, sublime love, valour and service.
‘From north to south, east to west, Ramakatha has been expressing itself in many forms. Like the countless forms of Srihari, Ramakatha Harikatha is limitless,’she said.