Rajput Sabha expresses gratitude to Gilli for supporting Ram Temple construction

AKHNOOR: Rajput Sabha Akhnoor has expressed its gratitude to President Yuva Rajput Sabha, Surinder Singh Gilli for extending his support for construction of Ram Temple near Chenab River.
For last many years the people of Akhnoor have been trying to construct Ram Mandir for which many people have helped by extending donations for its completion, Chairman Rajput Sabha Akhnoor, Chaggar Singh told reporters.
President Yuva Rajput Sabha, Surinder Singh Gilli have also extended his support for the construction of Ram Mandir at Akhnoor, Chaggar Singh said adding that Gilli has provided 50 bags of cement for temple construction. He thanked Gilli for his donation.
Other members of Rajput Sabha Akhnoor, who were present, included Omkar Singh, Rajinder and others.