Rajini rules out reconsidering his decision on not to enter politics

Chennai: Reiterating that he had already conveyed his decision on not to take the political plunge citing his health condition and the COVID-19 pandemic, Actor Rajinikanth on Monday humbly appealed to his fans not to sadden him by asking him to reconsider his decision.
In a statement posted on his twitter page, Rajini ruled out reconsidering his decision. Referring to the protest demonstration staged by some expelled members of his Rajini Makkal Mandram (RMM) and others asking him to reconsider his decision, he said.
He had already explained in detail the reason as to why he could not enter politics and conveyed my decision. ‘Even after this, please don’t further sadden me by organising such protests asking me to reconsider my decision and enter politics’, he added.
While complimenting those who staged the protests for maintaining dignity and discipline, he said it was saddening that such demonstrations were held in violation of the high command’s order’, Rajini said.