Rahul takes a truck ride in US

Rahul takes a truck ride in US

New Delhi, Continuing on his journey to listen to people in India as well as overseas, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi took a truck ride during his recent visit to the US.

Rahul went on a 190 km ‘American Truck Yatra’ from Washington DC to New York, with Indian-origin truck drivers, the party said on Tuesday.

“Much like his (Rahul Gandhi’s) truck yatra from Delhi to Chandigarh here in India, a candid heart-to-heart conversation centred around the everyday lives of Indian-origin truck drivers in America was the highlight of the ride,” said Congress.

The party added, “While truck drivers here at home struggle to make ends meet with meagre wages and record price rise, their American counterparts receive dignity for their labour with decent wages.”

The Congress also released a nine-minute video of Rahul’s interaction with the driver on social media on Tuesday.

In the video, the former Congress president donning a grey T-shirt, can be seen boarding on the truck and taking a ride.

Last month, Rahul had taken a late-night truck from Delhi to Chandigarh, and also discussed with the drivers about the problems faced by them.