Powerful Mind misleads the soul: Madhu Param Hans

Spiritual head of Sahib Bandgi Panth, Madhu Param Hans delivering religious discourse at Sant Ashram, Ranjri.

SAMBA: Spiritual head of Sahib Bandgi Panth, Madhu Param Hansji Maharaj today said that man even in spite of his earnest attempts to take himself away from the fold of ‘Munn’ has not so far succeeded in doing so.
Delivering religious discourse at Sant Ashram, Ranjri today, Madhu Param Hans said that the ‘Munn’ tries to keep man busy at all the times. “It continues to mislead the soul whether we are awake or in sleep and the soul has also begun to take itself as body,” he said.
“Our fourteen Indries (organs) are also nothing but Munn. Munn and Maya are two faces of the same coin. All have been misled. Mind keeps us busy all the times like a child that is kept busy with the help of toys. It doesn’t allow us to sit in meditation & continues to disturb us in one way or the other,” he said.
He further said that the Meditation is meaningless if or mind continues to wander. Making desires, act of remembrance and doing activities also fall within the limit of Kriyas (activities). If, any how one succeeds in controlling all these, the air will prove an obstacle. As long as it remains in the naval region, one can’t succeed in concentration during meditation, he added.