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Congress To Stage Massive Protest Against BJP Over Imposition of Property Tax in J&K”Stop looting the public, Roll back decision to impose Property Tax.” : SawhneyFormer Minister Yogesh Sawhney, in a meeting of district Congress leaders, held at his residence at Bakshi Nagar Jammu, announced that Congress party will hold a massive protest against the BJP government for excessive hike in petrol, diesel and LPG prices, imposition of property tax in J&K and other such grave issues.. Accusing the BJP of looting the people, he said that the anti-people policies of this government are troubling the common man deeply. People are badly affected by the economic degradation that has been brought down upon them by this government’s skewed policies and the pandemic and therefore imposition of property tax is highly unacceptable coming at this hour. Furthermore, the price of liquefied petroleum gas domestic cylinder was raised by ₹50 per unit on Sunday, the third increase in LPG rates since December last year. Fuel prices have spiralled out of control and this is pinching the pockets of the common man in India. Thus, with no option left for the common man but to come out on the streets, the Congress party will stage a massive protest in this regard to demand a rollback in prices to relieve the people of this financial burden, he said.Various Congress Leaders those who attended meeting were Dr. Ramakant Khajuria, Ricky Dalotra State General Secretary Youth Congress J&K , Pawan Dev Singh, Chander Sheikhar Sharma , Atul Sharma, Ward President Pradeep Bhagat, Contested Camditaes JMC Ward no. 9 Sikander Khan, Ward no. 8 Markes Gill, Jaipal from Ward no. 17.Fuel prices across the country have been a major concern for any Indian lately. In some cities, petrol prices are set to cross the Rs 100 per litre mark and diesel price is running at an all-time high as well.Alleging that higher Central and state taxes are to blame for such high prices, the former Minister said that during the pandemic, the central government had raised the excise duty on petrol to Rs 32.98 a litre from Rs 19.98 a litre. A similar increase was affected on diesel, where excise duty was increased to Rs 31.83 a litre from Rs 15.83 a litre. the BJP government has always been one to point fingers at congress. When prices of crude oil were touching more than hundred dollars internationally, the prices under Congress government were still much lesser than they’re now. But it was the same BJP leadership who had stepped out on the streets for rise in petrol and diesel prices but ironically is silent now. Why the double standard?Addressing the meeting, Sawhney further added that the prices of domestic cooking price have been increasing which affects the common man the worst because domestic gas is a basic necessity. Cancellation of subsidies, hike in prices, no relaxation in excise duties are proof enough that the government is looting from the public. Fuel prices are on the boil and there is no relief for the public. Since May last year, most cooking gas customers have not received subsidies as the combination of international oil price collapse and domestic refill rate increases brought parity between subsidised and market rates. Incessantly increasing domestic gas prices are bound to cause worry and stress among families already struggling with record high petrol and diesel price. Where will a hard working citizen of our country go to get help? If these are Modi government’s “Ache din” then we don’t want such “Ache din”.In the meeting, Sawhney also congratulated the NC and Congress leaders who were elected to DDC from Rajouri as Chairman and Vice Chairman respectively.The same government has attacked Congress for hike in fuel prices but is now silent. This blame game wouldn’t work now. They’ve been in power since 2014 and so blaming previous governments for the problems now is not acceptable. Why isn’t the government taking any steps to reduce prices is what the public wants to know. Despite the fall in crude oil prices, retail prices of fuel are on the rise every day. If international crude oil prices are considered, petrol should be sold at ₹35 for one litre in the country. Either they’re blaming the previous governments or acting helpless, both tactics won’t help in any way. We demand an immediate withdrawal of the additional taxes imposed over the last six years and eight months, added Sawhney