PM praises Nashik farmer for building sanitation machine to combat coronavirus

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Nashik: Prime Minister Narendra Modi praised Rajendra Jadhav, a farmer and businessman from Satana of the district, for building a sanitation machine that he can use with the help of his tractor to protect his village from the spread of coronavirus.
While addressing the people of the country through the programme ‘Mann Ki Baat’ on Sunday, the Prime Minister had a word of praise for Mr Jadhav, who has built a sanitation machine at his own expense to save his village from the corona menace.
Mr Modi appealed the people to be more vigilant to prevent corona infection.
Mr Jadhav has developed an innovative spraying device that can be mounted on a tractor in just 25 days to prevent the spread of the corona infection.
With the help of this fountain, it is possible to clean a large number of roads, societies, doors and even fence walls.
In this fountain, two sheets of aluminum are placed opposite each other. Both the leaves absorb air in opposite directions and irrigate the sterilization solution with high pressure through the nozzle (hole) in all directions.
These leaves rotate at an angle of 180 degrees. They are also able to clean walls up to 15 feet above the ground. A 15 horse power tractor can be used for cleaning and disinfection by this spray.
This cleaning machine has the facility to store 600 liters of disinfectant mixed solution in the tanker at a time. Therefore, it is convenient to clean the walls and doors of the fence with this spray.
After checking the usefulness of the device, Mr Jadhav handed it over to the Satana Municipal Council for use during the corona crisis.
The device is a major success in the fight against corona sterilization, according to Health department standards.