Philanthropist group Manava Jana celebrate Lohri with children


The young and tender inmates of Bal Niketan and Balika Niketan at Ved Mandir  Jammu  had fun-filled evening on Saturday with the little ones enthusiastically dancing on their toes over the beats of Dholak. The occasion was Lohri celebration organized by a philanthropist group – ManvaJana, whose members  had decided to provide a quality time spending with the kids without parents living at the facility on the occasion of the festivity.

Besides the kids-inmates, staff and office bearers of the Bal Niketan and Balika Niketan, members of the philanthropist group and their family members were also present.

As many as 150 children besides the staff of the institution participated. Among the ManvaJana members present on the occasion, the prominent ones included: Deepak Sharma, Rakesh Nanda, Sandip Singh Lubhana, Sanjeev Kerni and Sameer Bhasin.

The programme began with the kids enjoying bhangra over dholak beats followed by serving of snacks, lohri burning with bon-fire and distribution of Prasad.