People of J&K grumbling BJP left them in lurch: Bhalla

Jammu: JKPCC Working President and former Minister Raman Bhalla on Wednesday claimed that all the development that is seen in J&K was done by the previous Congress Party government. This was observed by former Minister while presiding over meeting of Block Presidents. The meeting was organized by Yogesh Sawhney General Secretary PCC Incharge District President Jammu Urban. Block Presidents of Jammu East, Jammu West and Bhau Assembly Constituency were present at the meeting. The meeting held discussions on the upcoming programs of the party. It was informed to the Block Presidents in the meeting that the party will start a Door-to-door Mass Contact Program. Discussions were also held various current issues troubling the general public such as the ongoing water crisis and various Congress party members voiced their inputs and suggestions regarding the same.
Reacting over current situation in J&KUT, Bhalla termed BJP Govt as directionless which failed to bring cheers to the common people especially the youth, students, the farmers and the labour class who suffered a lot due to worst economic slowdown and the covid situation. He said there are no effort to boost the rural economy and create job opportunities in the wake of large scale unemployment and retrenchments in the recent years due to wrong economic policies of BJP government coupled with covid situation. There is no respite from the ever increasing prices of all commodities of common use and unprecedented price hike of petrol, diesel despite drastic fall in the rates of crude oil in international market. The J&K seems to have been forgotten by BJP Govt and there is no focus on the most badly affected people of this troubled part who have been facing worst economic slowdown due to the various kinds of changes brought by the BJP government. He condemned policies of Govt and said it failed to come up to the expectations of people of J&K. He called the working class, farmers and low paid employees besides school going children of the poor class as `victims of BJP Govt’s wrong policies.
Former Minister launching a scathing attack on the BJP accusing the ruling party at the Centre of destroying democratic, ethnic and social fabric of the nation. He said India was the only robustly functioning and flourishing democracy in South Asian region, thanks to the magnanimous role played by the Congress in the 70 years of history of the nation. Bhalla said that it is for the first time in the country that a government which indulges in such lies has come to power. BJP is not saying anything other than lies,” he said. Bhalla further said it is the responsibility of BJP government to take the development works ahead and accused the BJP-ruled government of stopping such works. “There is a danger to democracy in the country,” he said. Aggrieved people pray that this government goes soon and also appeal to the people to remove it whenever they get the chance to do so”. The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), which was considered to be an urban party – having more influence in the cities – was expected to address urban issues better than its predecessors. But after more than eight years of BJP rule at the Centre with a clear majority has completely disappointed people living in cities. The delivery, however, has been quite non-concomitant to the promises made.
Bhalla said that it is a hard fact that nearly 90% of the workforce works in the informal sector. They are the ones who require the basic services immediately .He strongly maintained that BJP leaders seem to be unaware about the ground realities. He alleged that BJP has been totally failed to genuine issues of the people from Jammu region while deliberating upon various day to day problems being faced by the public in the absence of any elected Govt. He stated that people had enough dose of mis-governance in the J&K for last more than eight years, saying people have realized that they have to support Congress which can address their issues and fulfill their expectations.
He said that BJP is responsible for creating social and political uncertainty in J&K and it can go to any extent to remain in power. He said that the foundation of the country has been laid on secular ideals and harmony amongst different sections keeping in view of the pluralistic character of the nation and those spreading hatred are weakening the nation. He urged people to defeat the designs of such forces who can disturb and destroy the secular fabric of our nation. There is a strong resentment among the people against this government as it has not fulfilled its promises made at the time of Assembly elections. He said that disillusionment of people with the BJP government is growing, as governance is at the lowest depth and development has taken nose dive in the past over eight years. “People are realising the futility of electing a government that is not only insensitive towards their problems but also responsible in adding to these on every front”, he said.
Bhalla said that tall, stentorian promises of ‘ache din’ have amounted to ‘Ache Din’ for a chosen few in terms of their personal welfare while common people have been left to fend for themselves by a brazenly insensitive and callous dispensation. He said lack of direction and political will have compounded the perception of political uncertainty in J&K whereas the government should have tried to provide a hope of inclusive development, reconciliation and peace. This would not only create an atmosphere of disillusionment with the democratic institutions but would also harm the hard-earned dividends of peace in J&K. They have reneged on every single statement they made to garner votes and have surrendered all their respective political demands for petty trappings of political power,” he said.
Also speaking in the meeting, Former Minister Yogesh Sawhney guided the Block Presidents to work dedicatedly as per party directions to strengthen the Congress party’s efforts to amplify the voice of the public and bring basic public issues to the forefront. In this regard, Sawhney said, that the party will conduct a Door-to-door Mass Contact Program to increase the party’s outreach to every nook and corner of the Jammu region. He stated that the objective of the party is to establish trust and contact with the public and extend support in resolving the problems caused by the BJP’S incompetence and also ignorance. BJP Government does not care about the people of Jammu, he said, this is very clear from their attitude towards the people who have been raising serious concerns. The government is blatantly ignoring daily problems and because of that people are suffering more.
Through the meeting, Sawhney also said that the party extends complete support to PHE employees. The public has been suffering immensely due to a water crisis created due to the mismanagement of resources. As the mercury levels continue to rise, people are gravely concerned about the water problems that have become a part of their daily lives. Combined with electricity problems, the common man continues to suffer as their daily lives are hampered by water shortages and power cuts. On the other hand, the government is sitting as a silent spectator and is taking no action to provide any sort of relief to the general public. Due to all these reasons, Sawhney guided the Block Presidents to prepare in full swing to bring awareness to these unacceptable flaws and failures of the BJP Government. Raman Bhalla and Yogesh Sawhney extended their support to the PHE workers protesting against the government regarding their demands. They said that the government must address their concerns immediately and resolve their issues.
Prominent among those present on the occasion include Dr Ramakanth Khajuria, S P Sapolia, Varinder Singh Manhas, Jatin Vashisht, Atul Sharma, Chander Sheikhar Sharma, Anil Kumar from Jammu East, Pawan Sharma, Rakesh Sharma, Darshan Verma ji From Jammu West and Mandeep Singh, Janak Raj and Pawan Bhagat were present at the meeting.