People Across Country Divided By Culture, United By Chants For PM Modi: Amit Shah

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Asserting that the BJP will be re-elected to power in the ongoing Lok Sabha elections, BJP chief Amit Shah today claimed that people in this country were divided by tastes and culture, but united by their chants in favour of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Shah said the Congress could not do in 55 years what the Modi-led government did for the welfare of the poor in five years.

“I have visited almost all states for my election campaigns. People across the country have different tastes and culture. What is common everywhere is the chants in favour of Modi,” he stated.

“On one hand, you have Modi, who did not take a single leave in 20 years. On the other, you have Rahul Gandhi, who goes on long vacations to places, leaving his mother worried about his whereabouts,” he stated.

Shah also said people have been looking for a “leader, who would dedicate his life for the country, not serve the interests of his family”.

“What the Modi-led government did for the welfare of the poor in five years, the Congress could not achieve it in 55 years,” he insisted.

“In the 13th Finance Commission, the UPA government had allotted Rs 55,253 crore for the development of Jharkhand. The Modi government has given a sum of over 3 lakh crore to the state in five years,” he added.