Panun Kashmir apprehends ‘immense rise’ in targetting vulnerable & soft elements in J&K


Panun Kashmir–an amalgam of Kashmiri Pandits community on Wednesday apprehended “immense rise” in soft targets in the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir.

“As the elections in the Union Territory as well as New Delhi are coming nearer, the vulnerability of soft targets in J&K will increase immensely,” alleged Dr Ajay Chrungoo, Chairman Panun Kashmir here told reporters at a press conference.

Alleging that the primary targets of terrorist violence in Kashmir as well as Jammu are Hindus, Dr Chrungoo said, “Hindus in J&K are face to face with a new cycle of Genocide. Repatriation of Hindus to Kashmir is tantamount to sending them to a death knell and the relocation of Hindu employees to Jammu is an existential necessity to forestall an impending catastrophe.”

“The Dhangri massacre of Hindus in Rajouri district would not have happened in case the Government of India would have read accurately the message inherent in the selective Genocidal killings of Hindus in Kashmir leading to one more religious cleansing from there,” he added.

Dr Chrungoo further added, “we are all witness to a vicious policy of trivialisation of terror threat in Jammu and Kashmir for quite sometime by the echelons of Government itself in J&K and New Delhi.”

“Terror is on its last legs, Jammu is almost free of terror, killings of Hindus are acts to defame Muslims.

These have been acts of self disinformation as well as distortions of the grim reality in J&K,” he added.

A vicious policy of ‘Normalisation of Terrorism’ is on in J&K and unless it is abandoned lock stock and barrel we are in grave danger in the nearest future, he said.

Dr Chrungoo said the recent high powered security review presided by none other than Union Home Minister has appeared more as a perception management exercise than correcting the pitfalls in security assessment and responses.

“We urge Government of India that there is an imperative necessity of defining and grading this vulnerability in order to create not only proper security grids but also proper security alerts,” said the Panun leader.