Panthers Party shakes hand with NC in great betrayal of Jammu: BJP

JAMMU: In a classic example of ‘Chameleon Politics’, the Jammu Kashmir National Panthers Party (JKNPP) which portrayed itself as the self-appointed saviour of the Dogra heritage and pride as well as the sole well-wisher of the people of Jammu region has dramatically changed its colour and shaken hand with National Conference (NC) the party not only responsible for blatant regional and religious discrimination but also for destruction of the Dogra heritage and pride.
In a press release issued here Bharatiya Janata Party has cautioned the people of Jammu to remain alive to the dangerous approach adopted by the party which so far has been hoodwinking them in the garb of seeking separate statehood for Jammu referring to the resolution passed in October last year by 20 political, social and civil society groups under the leadership of JKNPP Chairman Harshdev Singh.
“People have also not forgotten of the drama enacted by him of expelling the then party patron and its founder Bhim Singh for taking part in PAGD (Gupkar Alliance) meeting at Jammu. Harsh Dev is on record to have said, ‘We are against the PAGD’s anti-national agenda and cannot sympathise with those promoting it.’ Regrettably, while the Kashmiris have rejected the Gupkar Alliance and it is on the verge of collapse due to in-fighting, the discarded and defeated politicians of Jammu are trying to provide oxygen to it,” asserted Brig Veteran Anil Gupta, Spokesperson of BJP.
Despite the smoke screen of two different sessions, the choice of Chief Guest for the 40th Foundation Day celebrations of the Panthers Party and the tone and tenor of the speech of the Chief Guest has left no doubt about its political significance and the path towards which the party is drifting stated Brig Gupta. The demoralisation and frustration set in the Panthers Party due to its successive humiliating performances in electoral battles since 2014 is natural and expected. But the people of Jammu which look up to the party like “an empty vessel that makes loud noises” were hoping that its leadership will put their heads together to introspect the causes of its failure and remove the tag of “Chacha-Bhatija” party by strengthening its grass root network and empowering its workers. However, they are annoyed and disgusted at the ‘easy way out’ approach of the party leadership by joining hands with the founder and patron of the Kashmir-centric Gupkar Alliance. With this great betrayal of Jammu the party is likely to lose whatever little support it enjoyed in the certain pockets of Jammu. The resignation of party president Mankotia should have rung the alarm bells but the leadership appears to be self-centred and has willingly joined hands with the Kashmir-centric grand alliance to form an anti-BJP alliance thus ceding political space to it in the heart of Duggar Land, usually referred to as 2.5 districts by the NC asserted the press release.
Referring to the speech of Dr Farooq Abdullah which was also another example of Chameleon Politics Brig Gupta said that as usual the speech was full of duplicity and emotional bursts. “How can he acquit himself from the targeted killings of Kashmiri Hindus and their subsequent mass exodus which happened under his watchful eyes? If he made no distinction between Hindus and Muslims, what justifies denial of citizenship to WP refugees? If claims his party to be secular what prevented him from including the same in preamble of the state constitution in tune with the national constitution? Obviously there exist large variations between his utterances and actions,” stated Brig Gupta.