Pakistanis and Kashmiris Voices of support to India at Pak Youtuber Channel

Aslamlekkum! Namaste! Satsri Aka!, Good morning!


This mélange of greetings is common in the Indian context where a vibrant multi-faith society co-exists in one nation


Interestingly, these greetings come from the most unlikely forum of –-Sana Amjad– a Pakistani Youtuber, running a formidable News Channel in her own name, having a following of 8.34 Lakhs!


Sana’s channel is a young 5yr old born in 2019. Her ideas -original, simple, with a stamp of Youngistan! She brings the voice of the Pakistani Public to the fore on various local, national, and international issues. Hence most of her videos attain viral status, especially in this belt of India and Pakistan. The reason is, her topics are bold, fearless, time-lined,  often striking sentiments on both sides of the International Border (IB) and the Line of Control (LoC) between two warring neighbouring countries India-Pakistan.


In this ‘no-holds-barred’ Exclusive Talk with Dynamic Sana Ahmed, CEO and owner of YouTube channel ‘Sana Ahmed Channel’,   the journalist from Lahore, Pakistan, conducted by writer RASHMI TALWAR Sana speaks about the Kashmir-itch, felt by the Political class of Pakistan, especially post the successful completion of G20 Summit 2023,  held in Srinagar Jammu Kashmir, which according to Pakistan, is disputed.


  1. What does the public in Pakistan feel about Pakistan’s aggressive posturing against India’s G20 Srinagar Summit 2023?


The public is angry that the government and political class of Pakistan are least concerned about solving any of the public problems of Pakistan, and instead are ranting about Kashmir at all international forums. ‘It is frustrating to see that on any International forum, Pakistan brings up the Kashmir issue, and sets aside all other issues of public interest. The real issues get buffed and buried by the Kashmir issue. We are not solving any internal problems at all. There is a big  issue of shooting prices of commodities, rising living expenses, declining opportunities, and employment woes, but we are looking at only Kashmir!’ ‘It- (Kashmir) is not gelling with the public anymore. About 50% of the public has understood that Kashmir on the Indian side is India’s and Kashmir on our side is ours. And 50% of Pakistanis feel ‘unless and until we get Kashmir, all our problems will remain and no solution is possible!’ Now what is the solution for this mindset?


  1. What does Pakistan pubic visualize as their so-called ‘Freedom of Kashmir?


There are two types of statements and views of the Pakistani public as far as its own ‘Pakistan Kashmir ‘ and India’s Kashmir  is concerned.

If we talk about Skardu, Gilgit, and Baltistan- the portion on the Pakistan side of Kashmir, then those people are not empowered with rights. They don’t get electricity, any employment or job opportunities, they want to be facilitated with these fundamental rights but they are not given such rights in daily life. They are keen to live with their counterparts in Kargil, India who are far away and unavailable to them. On the other side is a part of the Pakistan public that still believes that they will make Kashmir into Pakistan.  Even today they feel that Kashmir is an inseparable part of them. For Kashmir, this section of the public is ready for a fight with India. They will say India should give independence to Kashmir,  by that they mean Indian Kashmir, not Pakistani Kashmir. but more firmly they want Kashmir should join Pakistan.


  1. What about Pakistan’s Foreign Minister who is the first Pak FM in 12 years to visit India, is the public happy with his visit and conduct at the SCO Goa G20 in India?


Pakistan’s public is angry with Foreign Minister Bilawal Zardari Bhutto who came back home and said he was not treated well with due protocol by India. But the public is asking ‘You (FM) talked about just ‘Kashmir’ and no other issues and nothing came out from this international event for the Pakistan public, by your visit’. The public feels that this government is not even looking at any problems that the Pakistanis are facing in day-to-day life; they are just concerned about their own ego without any thought to the economics of the country. They didn’t bring in any trade treaty, nothing of that level, and just said I have been humiliated in India and that’s all. On top of that, as Pak FM to India after 12 years he went and gave a threat to India – “Of an ‘Aisa Jawab denge’ which India will not forget easily’, if India holds a G20 session in Kashmir”. What happened? Pak public is asking where is the ‘Krara Jawab’  as India has already completed its G20 session in Srinagar successfully.


  1. But then none of the foreign guests of any country got a handshake from Indian Foreign Minister Dr S Jaishankar during their welcome at G20 SCO Goa; it was a traditional Namaskar with folded hands. What was the issue of humiliation if all were being accorded the same treatment?


Oh Zardari expected the handshake and said the warmth was missing, he conveyed back home to Pakistan. In Pakistan, he says to the public,-‘that country (India) is very against Pakistan’.


  1. Should trade between the two countries, besides people-to-people exchange restart?


Imran Khan as Prime Minister closed all trade with India following the abrogation of Kashmir’s special status.  But Pakistan must also understand that India does not need Pakistan, instead, Pakistan badly needs India. You know the exchange rate of the dollar to the Pakistani rupee is climbing to Rs 300/ for every US1$. In these circumstances how will we manage? We are getting Indian medicine, Indian vegetables, and even Indian onions via Dubai which naturally are very expensive. Government should look at the public suffering, at the economy, it is important the country should look at its own crisis or does it have to cry only for Kashmir? For 75 years we have got nothing from Kashmir why can’t we keep aside Kashmir and start talking about things that would matter and benefit Pakistan?


FM Bilawal could have done another deal keeping aside the Kashmir issue, but he hasn’t , so now we are looking at elections in Pakistan but again we are very unhopeful because no tenure of the elected government survives the completion of the 5-year tenure in Pakistan. The government is pulled down before the completion of the tenure or else the government collapses.


  1. So what is the future for Pakistan?

There is no future, unfortunately! I am a Pakistani but I say my country has no future! We are looking at a moment in Pakistan when 7 to 8 lakh youth have migrated out of Pakistan and the rest are stuck here only because they do not have the means. Anybody who gets an opportunity to move out of Pakistan is getting out. They (Pak rulers) are fools to hang on to Kashmir!


  1. As an independent journalist and owner of the channel you raise issues that are not comfortable to the government. Are you scared?

I am not scared. I raise authentic issues that affect our people.  I do stories after verifying that the news is correct and not a fake I started in 2019 when the ‘Indian Abhinandan’ issue gripped India and Pakistan came up between the two nations.


  1. What is your view on the Taliban?

I don’t want to talk about the Taliban.


  1. Did you talk to people on your side of Kashmir about what they want?

No, we couldn’t talk to the people of ‘Azad Kashmir’ directly, as people there are shy and scared to talk openly about their desires on camera.






Voices of Kashmiris and Pakistanis supporting India on Sana Ahmed Channel, going viral



Rashmi Talwar


Srinagar J&K 25th May2023…..




Tabish Bukhari, Editor, Kashmiri Indian Youtuber,  – We as Kashmiri are delighted about G-20 Srinagar. About six years back the Indian Home Minister’s arrival in Kashmir saw strikes and protests. Presently 60 top foreign delegates arrived at the International event and not a single call of ‘hartal’ or strike was observed. Kashmiris are buoyant about their future in tourism, people are happy with the smart city facilities of Srinagar.

And no, we never want to join Pakistan!

If security is stringent for the public, it is vital and our responsibility that not a scratch came to our guests as we Kashmiris will not let a finger of blame be raised at us. The public has also understood the security strictness. And they support the security forces. During G20 kashmiris were joyous and excited, after 40 years this tourism boost has come to Kashmir.     Pakistan’s feelings don’t matter to us Kashmiris. Will Pakistan decide what should happen or not happen in our land? Pak has a tummy ache every time a meeting or discussion is to take place in Kashmir, Pak pulls out Kashmir from its pocket and starts ranting about Kashmir being persecuted. Where is the persecution? We Kashmiris feel Pakistan has turned mad or cannot digest that we are happy. We advise Pakistan to improve its own conditions.  And who are Pakistanis to dictate to Kashmiris which meeting will be held in Kashmir or which will not? Kashmir laughs at this intervention by Pakistan. Where the Pak public is concerned the poison is fed by politicians. You in Pakistan are giving Rs 5000/month for internet services, Prices are skyrocketing, a former PM is arrested, Army is ruling, so your first concern is about yourself. In the last 8 years, we have improved our lives, no mother was separated from her children, or sister lost her brother. we want to see Kashmir at the top as bloodshed in Kashmir took place due to Pakistan but not now. We want development, we need jobs, and for our youth, we are doing everything, we don’t want the bloodshed that had ended, to restart now. The public has understood.  And we ask Pakistan- ‘When you are able to improve your own country’s conditions then look at the PoK how have you kept Kashmir which is in your occupation?’

We see all videos emerging from PoK. By influencing two or three countries to boycott G20 Srinagar, you (Pakistan) think you have won. We ask ‘Who are you’? We are so happy. If China boycotted, do you think it makes a difference to us, and I also ask Pakistan – to find out how China is showing you loyalty? You should question its motives. Saudi Arabia and Turkey make up four countries that didn’t come the ones important to us came. it is only Pakistan that has influenced Saudi. The day Kashmir ceases to be an issue for votes and voting areas, Pakistan will progress. Till then Pakistan will be destroyed by its politicians and Pok terrorist organizations.


( PIX )  Iman Leghari student of Chemistry Lahore Pakistan

India has a large trade scale with America and feels the US is on its side so India is in a position of power and therefore said that China’s absence at G20 Srinagar has no effect on India. Every country prefers to keep their economic ties that’s why they are coming to India.  Hence even Muslim countries of OIC came for the G20 Srinagar. Indian PM Modi has boosted the Economy; this economic drive has successfully made it a strong partner even with the Muslim world.

Indian confidence comes as the 5th largest technology power in the world and the world admits it. Pakistan needs India, India does not need us. We should come forward for trade forgetting the past and enmity with India.


(PIX) Ayesha, Lahore Pakistan—– India is a Top power in development, and production, it is stabilized. if they brushed off China’s absence at G20, , it is with this power that the opposite partner benefits from partnering with India. Biden asked for Indian PM Modi’s autograph. Look at Indian PM Modi’s creativity, his dealing, and his handling. We can call him a ‘Chaiwala’ but see how he is handling foreign powers. We should learn from his techniques and we should learn from India how they are growing as a nation. They are now 20 years ahead of us, and here we cant resolve disputes amongst ourselves!  Modi is focused on benefitting his nation and he doesn’t waver from that. Even if he doesn’t agree with some nations he has good relations with them why because he wants benefits for his country from any nation irrespective of the nature of their country heads. We should make good relations with India, we should keep economics separate and religion separate. The Indian PM is smart not to be aggressive and gives a timely reply. He is smart in his moves