Over 1,000 of dinosaur footprints found in small town in Chile

The small village of Huatacondo in northern Chile now holds the distinction
of having the most dinosaur footprints in Chile.

A group of scientists recently found more than 1,000 of these footprints there. Five professionals from Chile and abroad reached the Tarapaca region in northern Chile between May 23 and June 3, where they discovered several hundred footprints spread out
over 30 square kilometres.

The scientists gathered evaluated the data gathered by the local community. One of these researchers is Christian Salazar, from the Universidad Mayor, a private university in the Chilean capital city of Santiago. “It is something truly unprecedented in my professional experience, incredible. In 10 days, we found more than a thousand footprints… We know that there is huge potential here and it is the beginning of a great project,” he told media.

The discovery comprises of more than 1,000 footprints left by young, mature, and adult theropod and sauropod dinosaurs that lived 150 million years ago, said the outlet.