With millions of deaths in the world’s worst pandemic due to COVID-19 and the global vaccination campaign against the deadly virus in progress amid the second wave onslaught of the virus, it is time for the global community to make a serious introspection of the yester years’ world order, in which arms race, especially of nuclear arsenal that has the capacity to wipe out life from the world, was placed among the top priorities by some powerful nations. Today, the entire world needs to come together with the utmost sincerity to realize that the planet earth is for the enjoyment of life with the nature’s rich flora and fauna and this has to be the top priority of the nations and people across the globe. It is time to realize that arms race does not even deserve the back bench, but needs to be given up once for all in the interest of humanity. Not only this, it needs to be understood by the perpetrators of terrorism and their sympathizers that God created the Universe including the earth for peaceful co-existence of all the creatures including the plant kingdom. Today when the whole world is fighting against the unprecedented pandemic unitedly there is a message embedded in it that in case the culprits continue their anti-human or rather anti-nature actions, nature will ultimately step in to make the people and the nations regret and mend their follies of meddling with nature, besides spending lavishly on weapons, as a result of which the whole humanity is now passing through a helpless phase of unprecedented misery. In view of the present scenario, it needs to be understood that every fight for righteousness, health and peace would be meaningless unless it is based purely on humanitarianism which simply emphasizes on ‘One Humanity’. It is quite unfortunate that certain nations including the powerful ones had ignored humanitarianism for their petty, vested interests with some justifying piling up of nuclear arsenal, some others justifying the cause of terrorists and enemies of humanity by terming these as Jehadis fighting for genuine religious movements. Human rights and humanitarian law even today is being most often raked up by those supporting separatist and secessionist elements like Pakistan and China. It is quite deplorable that no commendable efforts are being made to highlight and raise awareness about humanitarianism which is the essence of every sane civilization. Though the humanitarian law evolved to address the woes of war and disaster victims, besides those braving tremendous dangers and difficulties to deliver assistance to those who need it most, today it needs to be realized that the very idea of humanitarianism will be thrown to smithereens if as per the contemporary needs, the concept of ‘One Humanity’ is not propagated day in and day out. China’s highly irresponsible behaviour of not sharing the facts about Corona virus disease and not intimating about the pandemic well in time, besides alleged negligence by the WHO and the big powers still busy in arms race, definitely indicates that the global community has failed to address the most significant issue of humanitarianism. The piquant situation faced today demands that in the post COVID-19 scenario, all the global stakeholders as well as every human being prioritize humanitarianism as the first goal. In this direction there is a dire need to strive hard to promote it through pro-active involvement in selfless service, in order to achieve the objective of ‘One Humanity’.