Omicron infectees recovering faster than Delta variant ones: Dr Shakeel

JAMMU: Rapid spread of the third wave of COVID-19 is creating panic among the people in Jammu and Kashmir. 5818 people have been infected and as many as four people have lost their lives during the last 24 hours to the deadly virus.
The COVID positive cases have increased from 100 to 1000 in just 13 days during the third wave as compared to 25 days in the second wave. Still some experts believe that with the new variant Omicron replacing Delta, the COVID-19 will not remain as a pandemic but an endemic illness.
Dr Shakeel Ahmad Sofi who serves in Apollo hospital Kolkata, Bengal as a cardiologist and has diagnosed almost 8,000 plus COVID positive patients, while speaking to Greater Jammu said, “No doubt the Omicron is spreading very fast still there is a silver lining as it is not involving the lungs but is infecting only upper respiratory tract”. “As per the data, out of one lakh cases only one or two cases have been observed where the Omicron has infected the lungs and therefore there is no need to isolate an infected person for more than three to four days if there are no symptoms”, he added.
Dr Sofi said, most of the infected people turn Negative within only 4-6 days and about 95% of the positive patients do not even need hospitalization as it is behaving like a common flu.
“People should not fear of Omicron as today or tomorrow they will get infected but it won’t cause any damage,” Dr Sofi said.
He added and said that if it is not serious that does not mean that we should down the guard and get complacent. Everyone should always wear musk and observe the COVID Appropriate Beahaviour when he or she is out of the house.
He said that the third wave is likely to witness a peak next week and by the end of February the wave will be over.