Not Governor, only elected government can decide tax imposition: Azad

Srinagar, Democratic Progressive Azad Party (DPAP) President Ghulam Nabi Azad on Friday said that a Governor cannot impose the property tax on the people, and only an elected government can decide it.

Talking to media persons in Srinagar here on Friday the former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Azad said that only the elected government is eligible to decide any tax on the people and it is not the job of a governor.

“Governor whether it is in Congress rule, Bharatiya Janata Party or any other rule is a temporary arrangement and just to look after the affairs of the state that too not permanently”, Azad said.

He said even it is impossible for the elected government too to decide to impose such taxes on the public.

“If my government will come to power today will think ten times about imposing of tax on the people who will bear it”, he said

He said Jammu and Kashmir is struggling for the past 33 years due to militancy and more than one lakh children have been killed and hundreds of daughters here have become widows. He said that no tax should be imposed on the people of Jammu and Kashmir by now.

The DPAP President said that for the past nine years, no elections have been conducted in Jammu and Kashmir and for the past several years they are awaiting the announcement of the elections so that the elected government could decide about the laws which need to be applied.

Regarding the land encroachment drive, he said his party protested almost at 60 places on roads against the bulldozer drive and thanks to the almighty that has now been stopped

He said the Roshni Act was made during his tenure and it was not decided sitting at home. The Roshni Act was made collectively by the law department and discussed in the assembly where all including the opposition parties passed that law collectively, he added.

He said once a law is passed in the assembly or Parliament a governor cannot remove that. Now they removed the existing law and the repercussions are in front of us, Azad said.

“I am not saying that the Roshni Act was 100 percent implemented. There is no scheme in India or any part of the world by which all people are getting favour”, he said and added misappropriation is happening everywhere, but there are separate commissions including vigilance and court of law who are there to look at such issues..

He said people who had migrated from the borders area of Kathua and Samba during 1947 had settled in rural areas R S Pora and other places and had developed that barren land which took them 20 years to establish for farming. They alleged that the government came and erected a board there stating that this is government land after 70 years.

He said that ten percent people are grabbing government land everywhere and those should be hanged but why 90 percent people will suffer because of them?

He said about 70 percent of the people of Jammu and Kashmir irrespective of religion, caste and creed were affected by the bulldozer drive of the government.