North Korean missile test not aimed at US, any other state: Foreign Ministry

Pyongyang:  The North Korean Foreign MInistty has said that the recent test of submarine-launched ballistic missile is not aimed at the US or any other nation.
South Korea reported detecting the launch of an unidentified projectile from North toward the Sea of Japan overnight Tuesday. On Wednesday, Pyongyang confirmed that it had tested a submarine-launched ballistic missile. The United States has urged North Korea to refrain from further provocations and engage in substantive dialogue following the launch.
“When doing the recent test-firing we did not have the U.S. in mind nor aimed at it, but it is the work which had already been planned purely for the defense of the country. So there is no need for the U.S. to worry or trouble itself over the test-firing,” the North Korean foreign ministry said, as quoted by the state-run KCNA news agency.
The ministry stressed that the test was not aimed at any other country as well, being just an exercise of the North Korean right to self-defense.
“To criticize the DPRK for developing and test-firing the same weapon system as the one the U.S. possesses or is developing is a clear expression of double-standards and it only excites our suspicion about the ‘authenticity’ of its statement that it does not antagonize the DPRK,” the foreign ministry added.
The UN Security Council has banned North Korea from using ballistic missile technology.