With the second wave of COVID-19 the alarm bells have started ringing to remind the people to realize the necessity of sacredly following the SOPs issued by the Government to check the transmission of this deadly virus that has been reported to be in its variant strains in many states across the nation now. Though the situation in this Union Territory is not as bad as in a few states, the people here can’t take liberties as the highest spike in positive COVID-19 cases in this year is being witnessed every day. Therefore, there is a dire need for exercising utmost self-precaution which has become inevitable to protect every individual, the society and the nation at large from the second wave of Corona virus. The gravity of the current situation in this Union Territory can be well gauged from the fact that the educational institutions have been closed once again. Even the courts across J&K have reverted to virtual hearing as a precautionary measure for the safety of all the stakeholders. Due to the emergent situation the Director Health, Kashmir has cancelled all the leaves of the staff of the department. While the government has been reiterating again and again that there is no need for a lockdown, the people need to realize that lockdown would be the last option if the people fail to observe the requisite precautions as per the SOPs issued by the Government from time to time. People must voluntarily avoid social gatherings and parties till the situation improves, besides averting visits to hotels and restaurants and other public eateries unless necessary. If a visit to a restaurant is unavoidable, they must strictly follow the COVID-19 protocol and safety rules. Moreover, the local authorities also need to maintain a strict vigil and take immediate action against the SOP violators. The main focus of the people should be on vaccination against this dreadful virus. The Central government has already put in place an appropriate mechanism for vaccination, besides making adequate stocks of the COVID-19 vaccine available in J&K. Now it is for the people to approach the nearest vaccination centres and get themselves vaccinated at the earliest. Since India is the second most populous nation in the world, negligence by even a few people will lead to disastrous consequences. At this critical juncture, the economy prerogatives could once again take the back seat as the topmost priority is to protect the lives of people from this second wave of the deadly virus. As such, now it is time to follow a result-oriented strategy, which calls for massive testing and door to door vaccination and last but not the least, people following the SOPs quite strictly. The coming days are going to be very significant for us. However, there is no need to panic or resort to panic buying even if a lockdown becomes inevitable. Past experience stands testimony to the fact that the government will successfully take all the requisite measures to maintain the supply of essentials during the lockdown period. Since there is no option except following COVID-19 SOPs augmented by pacing up vaccination drives, let each and every citizen of the nation sacredly follow the aforesaid COVID-19 protocol. It is not an option but a necessity!