No hospitals in Delhi will refuse to admit suspected COVID-19 patients: Kejriwal

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New Delhi: Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Saturday said the Delhi Government is
passing an order that no hospitals in the National Capital will refuse to admit suspected COVID-19 patients.
‘Today we are passing orders for all hospitals. Now no hospital can refuse to admit any suspected COVID-19 patients,’ Mr Kejriwal said while addressing a digital press conference here.
The hospital will have to admit the patient, and have to test and treat the patient, the Delhi Chief Minister said.
‘Some hospitals are black marketing the beds. I want to warn them that such a hospital will not be spared. Hospitals are made to get treatment, not to earn money,’ Mr Kejriwal said.
“We are deploying a medical professional of Delhi government in every hospital. It will be the medical professionals’ responsibility to provide the correct information about the availability of beds in the hospital on the Delhi Corona app and get the needy admitted, he said.