Nirvana Academy Celebrates ‘World Dance Day’


In Connection with World Dance Day 2019, Nirvana Academy a registered cultural club in collaboration with Dancefit Smiley zone organised a Dance programme and Workshop for children.

More than 50 children took part in the Dance Day Celebrations and showed their skills under the guidance of Smiley Tanuja Chahar, Chief Choreographer and noted dance performer of the state.

Smiley Tanuja and her team members Mritunjay and Adesh made participants loved to move on music. World Dance Day, every year on 29 April, established in 1982 by CID,UNESCO aims at attracting attention to the art of dance.

It is celebrated by millions of dancers around the globe. On that day, dance companies, dance schools, organizations and individuals, professionals as well as amateurs, organize an activity addressing an audience different from their usual one, said Smiley Tanuja.

Hitesh Badyal Founder Nirvana Academy apprised the participants and audience about the importance of this day.

Parents, Prominent Citizens and members of Nirvana Academy were also presented on the occasion. Certificates were also distributed among the participants.