New Year Resolutions

By Omkar Dattatray
It has been rightly said ,”Years pass but memories stay as near and dear as yesterday’’ and this postulate is appropriate and apt so for as the culmination of the previous year and the commencement of the new year is concerned. The year 2021 has passed into the annals of history and it was a mixed bag as it had plus and minus happenings which remind us of the challenges ahead which we have to face with fortitude and resilience and come victorious in the end. The year that passed had witnessed covid 19 pandemic crisis which took a heavy toll of precious human lives as thousands of the lives have been lost and consumed by this disease. Not that we have only lost thousands of the lives but there had been a great setback to the economy of the country which is very hard to fill. We have welcomed the New Year 2022 with a big wish list which we will strive to achieve otherwise the dictum that if wishes were horses even beggar would ride comes to mind. Therefore there is no need for only wishes but the wishes should be converted into reality and the goals achieved and we resolve to make sincere efforts for the achievement of the goals. The year 2021 that has gone has passed with pros and cones in its kitty. Thus inflation and steep rise in the prices of the daily use goods and services which has broken the back of the commoner as well as the politicization of religion were the cones of year 2021 which we have given a good bye. The previous year had been hit hard by the accidents and many terrorist acts and the dance of death and mayhem is still continuing and threatening us and devouring precious human lives. But is also reality that many hard core terrorists were neutralized by our security forces and it is a commendable job for which we salute our security forces. Many Jammu and Kashmir policemen, CRPF Jawans, army personnel attained martyrdom while fighting the enemies of humanity. The year 2021 ended on an unfortunate happening as towards the close of the year the air crash of the CDS Bipin Rawats plane along with his wife and eleven other officers and army jawans lost their precious lives in the tragic accident. It leads to a pall of gloom to the country as it was a irreparable loss to the nation which is hard to fill. The fact that many projects of national importance,roads and other infrastructure was laid during the previous year. The country achieved many feats in space technology and it has given a place of pride to the country in the international community and its effect is that India is now heard in the world over. But so for as the relations between India and Pakistan are concerned there has been no headway in the relations as there was no thaw in the strained relations between the two neighbours. Thus the terrorism and the dance of death continues and it is a serious concern to all of us. Many natural accidents took place in the year 2021 as we heard the bad news of the accidents day in and day out which took a heavy toll of the precious human lives. We welcome the New Year 2022 with great resolutions. We resolve to strive for the end of terrorism, militancy and extremism in the New Year and we will try to work for peace and tranquility in the Indian subcontinent and the world at large. We also resolve to force the powers that be to bring the rising prices of the goods and services under control for the benefit of the consumers. Thus we will make efforts to prevail on the government so that it will control the rising prices of the goods of the daily use so that some relief is given to the consumers. We resolve to fight the war against the covid 19 and its new variant omicron so that the lives of the people will be saved. Thus we resolve to provide a helping hand to the government in its fight with the monster of covid 19 for the interest of the humanity and for preserving the lives of the people. So we will strive and observe the covid appropriate behavour and help and take part in the vaccination of the people and we resolve to honor the front line covid warriors and help and cooperate with them for the health and safety of the people. But unfortunately the new year 2022 began with a shocking news of the accident at Trikuta hills in Vashno Davi shrine were unprecedented stampede occurred which consumed the lives of twelve pilgrims and injuries to many others. The accident of the stampede which took the lives of the 12 pilgrims shook the country and it brought gloom to the countrymen. One fails to understand as how the stampede took place and why such a rush was allowed on the eve of New Year. When the coronavirus is still continuing and its new variant omicron has taken birth the thousands of the pilgrims should not have been allowed to proceed to the Mata Vashno Davi shrine and many pilgrims did not fallow covid appropriate behavour and social distancing was not observed which resulted in the stampede and the consequent deaths which is very unfortunate and this should not have happened. It is a matter of satisfaction that the shrine board has announced the relief of rupees of twelve lacks for the next of those killed in the stampede and rupees of two lakh to those injured in the gory accident. The people allege that there was laxity on the part of the shrine board and there was mismanagement on the part of the shrine board. Therefore responsibility for the tragedy should be fixed and those found guilty should be prosecuted and punished so that such accidents will not recur again. The UT government has constituted a committee to enquire the stampede and its cause. But there is urgent need for a judicial probe into the accident so that full facts will come to light. Since the government has constituted a team of officers to probe the sad happening at the shrine and asked it to report in a week and put the findings before the public. The laxity of the shrine board cannot be ruled out and therefore responsibility should be fixed and those found guilty should be challenged in the court of law and the mismanagement should not be allowed to happen in future. We also resolve to avoid such rush at the religious places on the festive occasions so that accidents will not take place. Since covid 19 and its new avtar omicron is threatening us and so we resolve to work in the interest of the country so that the coronavirus will not spread its tentacles further and cause damage to the lives of the people any more. Let us resolve to observe covid appropriate behavior and strive to fight the covid and its new variant to finish by helping the government in its fight against the covid19. May we resolve to uphold the secularism and pluralism so that unity in diversity which is so dear to us is followed in letter and spirit for the flourishing of the communal harmony and mutual brotherhood in the country. The list of resolutions can be very long but we should work for the interest of the countrymen in these trying circumstances .We should strive to keep peace and tranquility and mutual brotherhood in the country. Therefore we resolve to embrace the New Year with the solemn declaration to work for peaceful, strong, stable and prosperous India so that it will again become a vishwa Guru and become a world power. But for this all of us will have to pledge to work hard with honestly so that the country gets its respected place in the international community in the days to come. In brief we should resolve to work in the best interests of the country so that various vices with which our country is faced are not allowed to spread its tentacles and hinder our march to progress and prosperity.
(The author is retired education officer and columnist)