It is really an irony of this nation that some of the law makers and officers are not familiar even with significant matters pertaining to the correct use of objects and symbols of national dignity and honour for which the people, especially the security forces have been offering supreme sacrifices. It is pertinent to mention here that national flag is the most sacred symbol for the people of any nation and what could be more unfortunate than the fact that even the correct use of the national flag is not known by some of the legislators, not to talk of other national symbols. Many times the national flag had been placed upside down right during some public functions hosted by the politicians or govt. officials. This happened even in the erstwhile state of Jammu and Kashmir a few years back and the height of the things was that none including the top bureaucrats noticed or corrected the flag positioning with the photograph of the same transmitted officially to the media. This clearly indicates that some politicians as well as government officials though very few do not realize their responsibility to uphold dignity and honour of their motherland despite being public figures. It would not be wrong to state that unless the politicians and such ignorant officers realize the meaning and essence of nation building and the responsibility to display utmost vigil in safeguarding the nation’s honour and dignity the real nation building will continue to be a distant dream. Nation-building is quite a simple phenomenon that can be achieved with full excellence provided that those at the helm of affairs pursue it with strong will, determination and sincerity placing all interests subordinate to the national interest. Nation Building after all is not deal-making but a persuasive art to build a structured nation out of myriad ethnic groups and other diversities. In this regard decisiveness and intellect are the tools to achieve the goal of a strong nation. Unfortunately indecision, lack of political consensus on crucial issues and opportunistic political class has utterly disappointed the common man of the nation that ultimately resulted in the communal polarization just for harnessing vote banks. With the political class ruling the roost and considering the nation as well as the states as their fiefdom the common man can’t expect much from them as their prime target remains only to fetch votes least bothering for the nation or the nationalists. Such politicians in fact are against liberalism that undoubtedly stands for modernity. However they failed to recognize the political paradigm of liberalism which is marred by vote bank factor for purely personal and party interests and it would not be wrong to say that they have reduced liberalism in today’s political paradigm to an entity that stands against everything that consolidates a nation. The best example of this can be that of the Valley where the liberal paradigm became masochist that glorified tolerance against intolerance and ultimately resulted in suicide of the freedom of miniscule ethnic group that suffered centuries old persecution even after achieving independence in 1947. This failure of the nation at large should be a lesson for the nation builders who need to read the writing on the wall. The situation as it exists today demands that the maladies responsible for such sordid state of affairs be identified and measures be initiated on a war footing, reminding those at the helm of affairs that a nation can’t be built by rhetoric only. Present day’s Indian political culture seems to be promoting diversity as against unity which needs to be shunned at all costs. In order to achieve the goal of nation building as per our expectations those in governance especially the political class needs to ensure ethics of unity in diversity, democracy, tolerance and fair distribution of national wealth in true spirit as these are the factors that build strong nations. Not only this, the so called nation builders must first need to learn and practice to honour the symbols of national dignity and pride including the national flag failing which the constituency they are befooling today will leave no room for their survival in the political arena in future.