With India’s expanding role in the global affairs especially in the South East Asian region during the recent years the nation has stepped up its efforts in pursuing its entry as a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC). The efforts got accelerated at an unprecedented scale especially after Modi led NDA took over the reins of the nation. Although the negotiating text on the issue of UNSC reforms is a 25 page document that contains the views of diverse groups of countries including the L69, the G-4 and the African group on five identified parameters, namely the size of the expansion in the permanent and non-permanent categories, regional distribution, the working methods of the Security Council, its relationship with the UNGA, and veto powers which prima facie seem too complex issues on which negotiations could get dragged for ages but given the changed world scenario after COVID-19 pandemic and the fluctuating equations of power, there is every probability of some brisk activities in the UNO especially with the arrival of COVID-19 vaccine probably anytime in the first quarter of 2021. Despite being dependent on big players like the US, Russia or other European countries having a greater say in its affairs the country having the second largest population in the world besides being on the forefront in global affairs be it the Climate Change movement or the fight against the deadly Corona virus undoubtedly deserves the permanent membership. Though many a times the significance of the world body seems to have been left redundant like at the time of US intervention in Iraq without any sanction by the UNO with the world powers calling the shots at free will. However, soon after the incident, sensing global resentment against it, the US virtually begged for legalizing its intrusion under international law but the same was refused thereby restoring the faith of the international community in the World Body. Keeping in view a number of such developments thereafter till date, there is every probability of the proposed reforms getting through, though with some amendments for satisfaction of the member nations. The expansion of the Security Council being part of the reforms and India being the front runner for the permanent seat in the UNSC with the support of maximum nations of the world barring Pakistan, there seems to be no reason for denial to its entry in UNSC as a permanent member. India’s leadership has been commended every time be it in evacuating foreign nationals including US citizens, from conflict in Yemen, providing post-earthquake relief in Nepal, the efforts towards addressing Climate Change issue or maintaining a reasonable check on the surge of COVID-19. India has always arisen to the occasion during various international crises and played its role quite well and the urge and initiative in this direction has increased manifold under Modi’s leadership. While Russia alongwith many other nations has been relentlessly supporting India’s plea, China has been continuously blocking our bid for permanent membership. With all the factors tilting in favour of India it is hoped that India will yet again initiate rejuvenated efforts in this regard so that it succeeds in its mission for the berth as permanent member of UNSC and further promote its basic human values including ‘Vasudev Kutumbhakam’ and ‘Ahinsa Parmo Dharma’ that are direly needed to establish peace across the world today.