In the wake of a white-collar terrorist syndicate whose task was to prepare a strategic hit list of government officers, journalists, social activists, lawyers, political functionaries who were assessed by the syndicate to be responsible for harming the overarching objectives of furthering and sustaining the Pakistani supported terrorist programme with the eventual aim of secession of Jammu and Kashmir from the Indian Union and its eventual annexation with Pakistan, and inputs about frustrated terrorists planning to strike in the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir especially in view of the festivities of Eid-ul-Adha followed by Independence Day and Raksha Bandhan celebrations next month. Since the security forces have been annihilating the terrorists almost on a daily basis to wipe out over three decade old menace, therefore the frustration on the part of terror organizations and their handlers across the border is quite imminent. While there has been continuous ceasefire along the International Border and the Line of Control for quite some time now, it does not mean that the neighbour has changed its evil intentions. This is evident from the fact that Pakistan establishment including its army and ISI continues to facilitate infiltration of terrorists from its soil into India besides having resorted to use of drones in dropping arms and drugs into Indian territories. Moreover, the recent drone attack on Jammu Air Force Station seemingly with full support of Pakistan is an eye opener for the Indian security agencies. In this backdrop, it cannot be denied that there is every probability of the Pak Army and the Chinese establishment conspiring to go for a big blow to the world’s largest democracy by launching simultaneous attacks through terrorists inside Indian territories especially in J&K and at the same time launch surprise offensive on the borders. Though the security forces are guarding our borders 24×7 besides those in the hinterland having been successful in nabbing or eliminating the terrorists either during infiltration or even thereafter yet there are apprehensions about presence of militants across the Union Territory who might have succeeded in escaping the eye of the forces and are planning to strike in a big way. In this regard the revelation by a senior police official about the arrest of the kingpins involved in preparing the strategic hit list of prominent persons undoubtedly goes to prove that the rogue neighbour is following multipronged strategies to bleed India with a thousand cuts and in such a situation there is no room for the security agencies to relent. The revelation that has come to fore with arrest of the aforesaid kingpins probably is only a tip of the iceberg as it presumably is a part of enemy’s huge conspiracy not only to secede J&K from India but to disintegrate the world’s largest democracy. As such there is an urgent need for stepping up the security grid so that any untoward incident especially the targeted killings could be averted successfully. While the security forces are already on high alert to thwart any such eventuality, the situation demands the coordination of the highest degree among various security and defence agencies and above all augmented by the alertness on the part of every individual of the civil society by maintaining a vigil on all suspicious activities in their respective areas so that the people of this Union Territory celebrate the festivals of Eid-ul-Adha and Independence Day free of any fret or fear with peace prevailing all around.