With the arrest of alleged self styled commander of Islamic State of Jammu and Kashmir after nabbing him from a vegetable loaded truck in Jajjarkotli area, there is an immediate need to further increase the vigil across the nation especially in Jammu and Kashmir where terrorism struck at will for almost three decades. Though detailed information is expected once the culprit spills the beans during investigation, yet the optimum guard has to be maintained by the security forces. While there have been some cases of Islamic State (IS) activities in India the Govt had claimed that such activities would not increase in India. However, in view of the Jhajjarkotli incident there is a dire need to instantly adopt most stringent measures to nip the evil in the bud especially. The government needs to realize the gravity of the situation as the cord that connects the ISIS to Al Qaeda and relevance of Kashmir in their concept of political Islam stands already identified a few years ago with the waiving of ISIS flags in the Kashmir Valley. These incidents whether in Kashmir or other activities of ISIS across the nation should not be viewed in isolation; rather these need to be clubbed with the ideological dynamics of Islamic State and Al Qaeda. It needs to be recalled that it was not a mere coincidence that the fugitive Al-Qaeda commander Ayman al-Zawahari had announced the formation of a new wing of the feared terrorist group dedicated to waging jihad in the Indian subcontinent in September 2014. The new branch, he had said is in particular “a message that we did not forget you, our Muslim brothers in India”. Under such circumstances this challenge needs to be addressed vigorously and aggressively on the administrative, psychological and social fronts. Besides this the Defence authorities need to take the lead role to prevent a catastrophe in waiting. On the local front the sane elements in the society need to be taken into confidence by the government because undoubtedly the elements behind such seditious activities are very few but if not controlled now, in view of religious exploitation of the Indian youth by the foreign extremist organizations it would have dangerous ramifications and implications. Majority of people in the valley want peace and prosperity. Despite there being requisite laws fully equipped to punish those indulging in antinational or seditious activities the present situation needs to be dealt by formulating a meticulous strategy with focus on immediate measures to prevent the youth from being lured to ISIS or Al Qaida ideology. Besides, those elements who are involved in motivating youth by religious exploitation need to be dealt with iron hands to nip the evil in the bud. While the present dispensation has been quite successful in dealing with the situation with ‘Iron hands and velvet gloves’ policy annihilating the terrorists, there is a need to address such aspects like that of IS that may prima facie seem trifle but could later turn disastrous. Going by the multipronged strategies adopted by the IS and other terror organizations by taking some misguided elements from the society into confidence there is every apprehension that IS will not relent its mission to create impact in India. In view of this equation it is hoped that the Home as well as the Defence Ministries will meticulously work out a strategy not only to maintain an uninterrupted vigil on subversive activities across the nation but also implement it on ground with utmost precision failing which the nation might have to pay a heavy price for this menace which seems to have strategically gone into hibernation in order to prepare for a big strike. After all it is not a matter of choice but a necessity.