Time has proved on multiple occasions that Pakistan’s involvement with Jihadi groups in order to benefit through influence in Afghanistan and secede Jammu and Kashmir from India has turned out to be an utter failure. With Taliban back having taken over Afghanistan is being highlighted by Pakistan as its victory but the fact remains that this has further drifted Pakistan into a state of helplessness against terror groups which is evident from the Pak Govt every other day entering into compromise with various terror groups and organizations with those in governance preferring to retain the governance rather than prioritize the ultimate welfare of its people. The fast transforming scenario in Jammu and Kashmir too bears testimony to the fact that Pakistan is merely wasting its time and resources in its tirade against India instead of concentrating on the welfare of its people. As of today Pakistan has fallen into the pit which it created to entrap its neighbour. It is a fact that common people both in India and Pakistan want peace and are least interested in the belligerency between the two neighbours. At the same time it is a stark reality that the real governance of the Pak establishment lies in the hands of Army and its ISI which has never been in favour of the people’s desire despite Pakistan now witnessing upheavals and violence, across its length and breadth. Pak military establishment rules the roost in that nation even today and it is this section in Pakistan which is enjoying lavish lifestyle despite the nation having become absolutely bankrupt and crumbled under debt. The two nation theory on the basis of which Pakistan was established has proved to be a total failure, the policy of Pakistan viz-a-viz Kashmir relentlessly pursued by it right from 1947 till date has not only proved to be an utter failure but has made Pakistan to taste the poison that it injected into India by way of Jihadi culture. It is pertinent to mention here that Pakistan’s involvement with Jihadi groups at the highest level aiming to break away Jammu and Kashmir from India has recoiled. It is really an irony that today the Pakistani establishment is reluctant to declare an all out war against terrorist groups. Though taking Pakistan on the right path under present circumstances seems to be a herculean task yet it would not be impossible provided Pakistani establishment is quite sincere in donning peace not only within its territory but also in the entire neighbourhood. To achieve this, those ruling Pakistan will have to realize that they have no other choice except initiating a movement to restore peace there instead of harping on the Kashmir issue in which it has failed miserably despite keeping India engaged in fighting terrorists and the so called Jihadis manufactured in its terror factories. The fallout of selective attitude on the part of Pakistan has only resulted in Jihadis picking specific soft targets like Hindus, Sikhs, Shias, Ahmadia or Christians, playing on various kinds of polarization cards to improve their recruitment and take advantage of that to further spread their barbaric and inhuman tentacles. This clearly indicates that basic problem lies in the attitude of Pak government which is trying to protect the ultras in Punjab, while going after the terrorists in other parts of the country. The cumulative effect of such policies including that on Kashmir issue has recoiled on it today. With the whole world opinion being against Pakistan for its laxity on the terrorism issue, the Pak military establishment has become more jittery feeling that its grip on the polity of Pakistan is going to end soon. In view of the sordid state of affairs the Pakistani establishment needs to realize that its strategy to rely on terrorists has become the slave of terror organizations. It must realize that it needs an attitudinal shift to end the sufferings of its common people who are the worst victims of the hostile conditions. Instead of roping in China to intensify its so called Jehad against India, it is in the interest of Pakistan and its people to listen to the sane voices there to avert further bloodshed and devastation so that the people of this subcontinent enjoy amity, peace and prosperity.