nCoV: Reasi’s Salal Power Station intensifies “Jan Andolan’ with ‘No carelessness until there is a cure’ slogan

Jammu: Joining hands with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s countrywide campaign against Corona virus pandemic, NHPC’s Sakal Power Station has intensified ‘Jan Andolan’ with ‘No carelessness until there is a cure’ slogan in Reasi district of Jammu and Kashmir.
NHPC spokesperson here on Monday said that as the whole world is fighting against Covid-19 pandemic, which has, already affected life of human race to a great extent globally, the Government of India has taken all proactive measures to control its spread across country.
“As part of proactive measures, intensive and focused campaign “Jan Andolan” has been launched by the Prime Minister to re-emphasize the importance and significance of complying COVID related social behavior norms,” said the spokesperson, adding that NHPC Limited, Salal Power Station, under the guidance of N RAM General Manager (in-charge), Salal Power Station has actively participated in the public awareness campaigns through the medium of banners, posters, boards, social media, print and electronic media etc.
The boards, banners and slogan strips are being installed at various places in the Power Station area as well as various another sites as per the guidelines received from NHPC Corporate Office, Faridabad, said the spokesperson.
This campaign to fight with Corona involves repeatedly washing hands with soap, wearing masks and compliance of social distance of two yards, as well as slogans like “No Carelessness until there is a cure” being done, adding, “along with the displaying of banners, posters, boards and Slogan straps, the promotion is also being done through SMS and social media to leverage the social media outreach.”
Salal Power Station has initiated number of programs in its endeavor to fight against Covid19 Pandemic ever since the outbreak of deadly virus by way of distributing medicines, ration, sanitation kits (sanitizer, mask, handwash etc.) to needy people residing in and around Salal Power Station during lockdown period, said the spokesperson and added that besides, Salal Power Station has also extended support to the district administration by providing testing kits, gloves etc, a quarantine center with basic amenities was also established.
The Salal Power Station, with its very limited manpower, has also contributed to the continuing power needs of the country during this COVID19 Pandemic by producing more power than the targets set, further added.