Naqvi directs waqf boards’ officials to ensure strict execution of lockdown during Ramadan

New Delhi: Minority Affairs Minister and Chairman, Central Waqf Council, Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi on Thursday directed state waqf boards’ officials to ensure strict and honest implementation of lockdown, curfew and social distancing during the holy month of Ramadan, which will be started from April 24, in view of Corona pandemic.
Interacting with senior officials of more than 30 state waqf boards through video conferencing, Mr Naqvi directed them to create awareness among the people to offer prayers and perform other religious rituals during the holy month of Ramadan staying inside their home.
It is to be noted that more than 7 lakh registered Mosques, Eidgah, Imambada, Dargah and other religious, social institutions come under the state waqf boards across the country. Central Waqf Council is the regulatory body of state waqf boards in India.
On the occasion, Mr Naqvi said, ‘We should cooperate with health workers, security forces, administrative officers, sanitation workers.
‘They are working for our safety and well-being even by putting their own life at risk in this Corona pandemic. We should also demolish rumours and misinformation being spread about quarantine and isolation centres by creating awareness among the people that such centres are only meant to protect the people, their families and society from the Corona pandemic,’ he said.
The Minister told all the state waqf boards and religious and social organisations to remain cautious of any type of fake news and conspiracies aimed at creating misinformation.
The authorities have been working for safety and well-being of all citizens of the country without any discrimination.
‘Such type of rumours and conspiracies are nefarious design to weaken the fight against Corona. We should work unitedly to win this fight against Corona by defeating any type of rumour, misinformation and conspiracy,’ he said.
Mr Naqvi asked the officials of all the state waqf boards to play an active and effective role to ensure that the people follow the guidelines of the Home Ministry, State Governments and the Central Waqf Council strictly and honestly while fulfilling religious responsibilities during the holy month of Ramadan staying inside their home.
He said that in view of the challenges of Corona pandemic, all the religious-social activities and mass gathering in all the temples, gurudwaras, churches and other religious and social places of the country have been stopped.
Similarly, any mass gathering in all mosques and other Muslim religious places of the country has also been stopped.