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STAR CAST: Akshay Kumar, Govind Namdev, Mir Sarwar, Rajpal Yadav, Vansh Bhardwaj, Parineeti Chopra.

DIRECTOR: Anurag Singh.

With quite a hits in Punjabi films & 2 films made in Hindi & both flops they being Raqeeb & Dil Bole Hadippa now finally Director Anurag Singh gets third time lucky & has a sure shot winner this time with KESARI. On second thoughts lucky would not be the right word to use for him.

On paper a subject on which KESARI is based would seem to be a hit already what with the Patriotic Flavour but then presenting it on a celluloid, a larger canvas is where the maker has to stand out.

I can remember Border & that was a good 22 years back & now Mr. Anurag Singh stands out in making KESARI a masterpiece. With a script which does not falter at any moment, scenic beauty at it’s best & action par excellence Mr. Anurag Singh does not let his audience down or bored. The climax song in the background is an icing on the cake.

Based on a true story happened in the year 1897 during British Rule when 21 Sikhs Soilders fought against 10,000 Afgani Invaders to defend a fort at Saragarhi.

The starcast is basically new & unknown but for one of them & each one stands out on his own, also there is Parineeti Chopra who is credited in the titles with a Thank you and does good in her guest role as the wife of the leader of this troup.

Halvinder Ishar Singh played by a hero not only on screen but off screen too Mr. Akshay Kumar & once more & once again this man delivers the best, be it his looks with a long beard & equally long pag on his head or his dialogue delivery or his act & action, M. Akshay is a treat to watch & as now has become a habit with him.

He carries the film on his shoulders (how does he manage to do 4 films & all successful in a year and at the same time be fit & at the same time devote time to his family & non filmy friends is actually Applaudable).

There are many a scenes & dialogues which gets clapping & whistles but the two that stand out are one when Akshay tells ‘CHAL JHOOTHE’ to  his enemy after being threatened & the other when he changes his turban to Kesari Colour a symbolism of a Sikh’s Valor & Pride.

This being the reason for Halvinder Ishar Singh to take on the huge number of Afgani Invaders & not retreating.

 A movie which just cannot be missed for it being one of the best War Drama presented & also for the finest performance of Mr. Akshay Kumar.

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Ravniet Gandhi