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STAR CAST: Sunny Deol, Karan Kapadia, Sunil Shetty, Akshay Kumar, Ishita Dutt, Karanvir Sharma.

DIRECTOR: Behzad Khambata.

For 30 years i have been dealing with criminals like you, this dialogue by MR SUNNY DEOL & is so true, his punches still have the power & is not BLANK as sad to say is the supposedly the hero of the movie KARAN KAPADIA whose launching this is, he seems to be a poor version of MR SUNIL SHETTY who was much better & too had a successful image as an ACTION HERO.

As for the movie it is definitely worth a watch not only for the always RELIABLE SUNNY VEERJI but also for it’s slick direction by the debutant MR BEHZAD KHAMBATA,

The movie keeps you on edge & the good part is it’s short running time & no songs except for a background score & at the end MR AKSHAY KUMAR doing a promotional type song along with the hero who is his wife’s cousin & thus, there is no powerful negative character but the story as such didn’t require but a good supporting performance from ISHITA DUTT & KARANVIR SHARMA.

Yes the suspense at the end is good but somewhere a regular moviegoer will guess it before, as i walked out of the theater believe me there were 3 elderly ladies who actually had this statement to make better to watch these low budget movies than a high budget & tiring KALANK

CHEERS to SUNNY DEOL who still has that weight in his hand to hang on & keep going.

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Ravniet Gandhi