Mehbooba concerned over future of Jammu youth, says PDP youth centric brigade


JAMMU:  Former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister and President People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Mehbooba Mufti here on Tuesday expressed concern regarding the future of youth of Jammu and said that the present regimes has gone to its lowest low in degrading their future.

While comparing neighboring state like Punjab and Haryana reserved quota for local youth, Mehbooba asked youth to question the Government about the reservation quota for local youth of Jammu Kashmir. “If Haryana and Punjab can have reservation of 75% and 80% respectively for their local youth then why not in Jammu Kashmir,” Mehbooba questioned and demanded the employment for J&K on same pattern.

The present Government failed to generate employment opportunities for JK youth, Mehbooba said and added, “As they have done nothing for last 7 years while being in power. Since, they have nothing to showcase their developmental works, therefore they are making an attempt to disturb the secularism of JK.”

During her six day visit to the city of temples, Jammu, Mehbooba has also shown concern over various other issues of Jammu including meager compensation of damaged paddy crop, mining issues and border areas issues of Jammu.

While addressing the youth at Jammu, Mehbooba said, PDP is totally a youth centric party and the future of the PDP and future of Youth of JK is directly proportional to each other.
“In the twin divisions of Jammu Kashmir, PDP has youth the maximum number of party membership.  Future of J&K Youth and PDP is identical,” Mehbooba said.

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